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Hi Everybody,
I do love being a part of the Steemit Community as I really feel cut off from the world here in China sometimes. I have had a Facebook account for many years, but there is barely any posts from me there. I don't like Facebook so much because it feels less like sharing and more like bragging.
As a thanks to the community here were I feel I can connect with so many people that share valuable things and inspire me and also encourage me to share back my passion which is creativity and design. I have decided that starting from today I will give away one illustration per day that you can use personally or commercially starting with the illustration you can find in the post! Hope you like it and looking forward to share and spend more time here on Steemit !

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You're really not missing much on facebook, it's mostly a bunch of people shouting at each other , they should rename it hatebook.
I like your take on the steemit logo.


ps sorry for the small % upvote I've hammered my voting power today.


Thanks for your support !

Great work buddy!


Thank you for the appreciation !

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