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What do you want Steem/it to be ? I think this is a very important question that one should ask oneself. I believe that when it comes to Steemit and Steem; If you're not a part of the solution you're a part of the problem.


So what do I mean by that ? What I mean is that people are complaining that the system is flawed and that people self upvote too much, curation doesn’t get rewarded enough, good posts are not being seen, the SMT launch is taking too long. But is this Steemit’s fault or the people Using the Steem blockchain ?


Many seem to follow the logic that if someone else is throwing trash on the street I can do so too. Who can blame me everyone else does it ? So before you know it the neighborhood is filled with trash and the park that used to be so nice is now filled with plastic bags, soda cans, and all other sort of crap. But why worry there is a system in place where people will clean it up for us, right?

Well not here on Steemit, we are on a decentralized Blockchain that actually is putting the responsibility in our own hands. So once again what do you want Steemit to be like ? It is completely up to us. We are Steemit and everyone has an effect on this blockchain, because we are essentially the ones using it and thus creating it’s value.


When I read @steemitblog ‘s last post, with the great news of an actual clear date for the launch of SMT I was thrilled. But when I started reading the comments, I was baffled. It was 89 percent complaints. I think we should give me credit to the development team, I’m not kissing ass here, I’m being honest. It is good that the communication is more transparent and that we are informed in good time. Some claimed the launch date is too far away and it would have been better if it was not declared until we where more close to the actual date when SMT will be rolled out.


I certainly don’t think so. The plan here on forth for me is to accumulate as much Steem as possible. More importantly an actual launch date is a signal to all developers working on SMT projects to get cracking, and I thInk given this more certain date more people will want to develop SMT, because it is materializing as we speak.

We are all ambassadors for Steem, and I don’t think complaining will help. Look at @flauwy for example, he’s creating the 1up curation system to try to solve the problem of curation. Look at @kevinwong he’s decided to become a witness and thus influence the platform and also help to solve problems with curation and help incentivize more investment to the Steem Blockchain. There are so many people out there doing their absolute best to improve things, and their are so many people that deserve appraisals.


I think we all have to help to make Steemit and the Steem blockchain what we want it to be. We are the system, and when @Dan launched Steemit I’m sure he was hoping that it would be utilized in a different manner. The bottom line is; what is the use of decentralization if we act no better than the greedy people keeping us in a centralized system? Let’s move forward with a positive outlook, and soon this shitty bear market will long be forgotten, when Steem is going to be ranked as one of the top ten in the crypto sphere.



Unfortunately, complaining will always be easier than actually doing ;)
If you feel that curation doesn't get rewarded enough - nobody stops you from upvoting people just because you think they curate well. Just an example.

Nice post!

Definitely, a very good example - if you give something it’s more likely you will receive something, and if you actually try your best to support the system you will be rewarded.

There are a problems, but we can solve it. We will have to be a part of the solution for this. Thanks for the discussion on the important issue.

Thank for stopping by !

Well said @dandesign86 and I couldn't agree with you more.
We all are the system and complaining is not the solution.