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Hello steemians,


My thoughts on how we could vote to maximize steemit growth.

As steemit users we are all shareholders of the social network and we are all financially motivated to help increase steemit adoption rate.
How could we vote to help mass adoption happening?

More you hold steem power more you have responsabilities to use your vote power in a productive way.

To keep it simple i would split my 10 (at 100% vote power) daily upvotes into 3 categories:

1/ 33% of my voting power (3.33 votes at 100%) would go to new users account that procude quality post.

I prioritize posts with 100% power up because it show me it is the kind of user ready to invest time and believe in steemit long term.

To help adoption we need to reward new users, if they have a good first experience, get some decent rewards, they will probably stay on steemit, believe in the platform, keep posting talk about it to friends and finally we have loyal users and free marketing.

Basically, voting for news quality users boost adoption rate.

More you have steem power more you should decrease your vote power in orders to vote for a maximum number of new users per days still giving them a good average rewards per post.

2/ 33% of my voting power would go to post i really like because it feel good to rewards really good contents, friends and people we follow for a long time.

They are often loyal and old steemit users and usually get rewarded the most by post.

As results, best posters keep having great rewards wich motivate potential new users to create a steemit account and use the platform in order to reach the same kind of rewards.

3/ 33% of my voting power go to me. I upvote my post or my comments.

The goal is to show new users that you can personnally benefit if you buy steem, power up and hold.

More you buy steem more you believe in the platform, you take more risk than average users so you should get rewarded for your efforts.

It motivate me to keep investing more, hold steem power and keep powering up rewards.

As results, if a large numbers of steemians use this strategy it induce more buy pressure on steem price and less power down (sell pressure) then steem price should goes up long term wich benefit to all users.

Let me know what you think about this strategy as fans, users and shareholders of steemit platform.


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Hi @Damarth
I think you are right, and I say i think, because although you cover 90% of the market with this, I have the feeling you are missing two essential target groups.

For a start there are the people who give relevant comments. Sure there are a lot of people who just say; "nice post" or "good stuff" and from a lot of them they are only here to just get an upvote or a follow from the content creator. But there are also Steemians who do read the content and give good feedback, or at least try to. I think these people do deserve an upvote, at least, that is the way I reward the people that really put effort in reading my stuff. In order to get my upvote of 8 till 20% you will have to upvote the post and put in a good comment.

Another thing not covered is i believe the people who have been writing their ass off for several months but do not get noticed the way they should. These Steemians also deserve some help as otherwise they may loose the faith in Steemit. On the other hand these are harder to find, as they have no special tag.

I totally agree with you, in order to get Steemit to a higher level you will have to use your voting power in a tactical way.

Steem on!


Thank you for you comments.

I do upvote for good comments, you are right i didn't talk about it specifically. In fact comments upvote would go in part 2/ Post i really like or add great valu.

I agree with you as more and more users sign in on steemit platform, upvote distribution isn't really fair because some great contents are lost into the flow of continuous new daily post.

I think in this case the missing part of my strategy is the resteem valu. Steemians with more followers should resteem good undervalued contents wich help their curation rewards upvote and good quality authors aswell.

We should Resteem more to help distribution to be fair enough :)


So what would you suggest to a new member who's inputing good content to do to get noticed either by people who can resteem or by people with enough steempower to make a difference?


Be patient and stay active.
Welcome news users, answer posts with valuable comments, vote, constantly discover people you like to share with...
Then you number of followers will slowly increase to the point where your contents is more and more shared and appreciated.


Yes sir
thank you for your good news and kindness.
I am very impressed to the master, the master of a great person and always wanted to share.
I will learn from the master, so that power can be appreciated in steemin and in the real world.
I will always follow all the news you share.
Once again, I am very grateful.
Very nice @damarth


I agree with you .. mister @damar is my role model, a loving and generous person, i really idolize @damarth. i really want to like @damarth. i love and big fans @ damarth.semoga one day can sit coffee together .


you and I should also help those who need help.
this is called by kabersamaan.
although little, but we have to help each other @wiralhokseumawe.

I hope to master the @damarth
to always be able to help.
thank you so much sir


I am very impressed with Mr. @damarth who is very knowledgeable about steemit and very generous. I am so highly motivated to be following in the footsteps of our knowledgeable and wisdom @damarth master for us beginners of steemit.
I will continue to learn to be professional like Mr. @damarth.
I am grateful for the information and all the news from Mr. @damarth


I am very impressed with Mr. @damarth who is very knowledgeable about steemit and very generous. I am so highly motivated to be following in the footsteps of our knowledgeable and wisdom @damarth master for us beginners of steemit.
I will continue to learn to be professional like Mr. @damarth.
I am grateful for the information and all the news from Mr. @damarth

I like your stratagy i will try to follow same as like u


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Hi Damarth - thought I would pop by to say thanks for the quick upvote on my recent 'Lord of the Steem' post.

What you say here certainly has merit - it is another means of spreading the love, which is of course necessary for long term Steemit success.

However, I continue to believe 'Community' is the future though - building communities of like minded individuals. Firstly to reward one another in the short term - and in the medium to long term it should encourage advertising revenue into Steemit as they can more easily target preferred community customers.

In the end Steemit needs to be able attract advertising revenue - otherwise as soon as the free steem dries up - it is over.

I have spent the last couple of months building up #teamaustralia and a few other associated teams - hopefully you can come by once in a while and blow us a kiss or too.

Thanks again.



Yes steem will pass next level soo enought with developers who continue to improove steemit platform and our impressive new users adoption rate.
When steemit grow to 50M users + we can easily imagine more and more store adding steem or SBD as payment option, new revenue with advertising, steem debit card... I am really exited about steem future :)


I sure hope you are right damarth - 50 million users means I will be able to work here full time I reckon. Mate, seeing you took an interest in Lord of the Rings - I thought I had better fill you in on the lastest happenings. Enjoy. SirKnight.

Last night's post...


@damarth can I get an upvote, anywhere?

a very good friend

It should be done by every whale

You can help and go say what you think of my photography :) this help a lot . I like B&W art

That s a good strategy!

I agree much more effort need to be put into outreach. I'll be working on this in the coming days.

Hello @damarth .. I agree with your ideas and strategy. I have try to do this this week and done it last week. But the problem now is there is no vote in my post. So I think I have some quality post. What do you think about this?


Me too i get less vote per post even if i have more and more followers. I am not really sure why but I think with HF 19 we can vote less often (10 votes per day at 100% vote power), maybe steemians also vote too often for themselves and less for others with the x4 rewards on comments vote.
I think steemit team should cap the number of comments vote at 3 per day at 100% vote power.

This is so cool. You upvoted my post and I came to read yours.

I like the way you see it, well spread. Also manually curating is the healthiest way to support Steemit.

Good job man!


Thank you Bruno!
I follow you.

Great idea , im a newbies in steemit thank you so much for this post
Upvoted & Followed


Thanks Youssef!

Have fun on steemit!

upvot and follow were done for you my brother
i hope to be friends

We need to be motivated on writing. I think upvotes like yours have a big influence, as your SP is so high. Thank you.

Amazing! You just helped a soul by upvoting my article. i am very grateful!

It seems like this strategy needs a lot of steemit users to run

Hello @damarth . I read you post and was pleased to see how you have maintained a balance of your voting power. I really liked it and i will follow the same trend. Regarding the second category i kindly suggest you my blog @naseerbhat where i had posted my self clicked snaps and i hope you will like them.
P.s i liked your blog am following you now ✌️@naseerbhat

Great post

You are very wise If I am already in a position like you ... I will also do the same. Best regards @dondanny

Thank you for sharing 🔝

So thankful to have people like you helping in this community to grow better . And a great knowledge article. thanks for sharing.

What a informative post. I too agree with you. Even though i have enough followers i dont get minimum votes necessarily. Thank your for your guidelines. I follow you and upvoted. Do follow me @bindu

Upvote can be motivated for our writing

very good... i like your post. . .

Hi @damarth, thanks for the info. I am new so I have a question about this

Even better if their posts show 100% power up because it show me it is the kind of user ready to invest time and believe in steemit long term.

What do you mean by 100% power up, does it mean when I didn't power down? How can I know? I'm sorry for the noob question lol



When we create a post bottom right you can choose to automatically power up 100% of your author rewards, or default 50/50% or decline payment:

power up.JPG

You know who post with 100% power up looking at the right of the post tittle, if you see steemit logo the author is powering up at 100%.


Ahhh yeah yeah I get it, I got confused lol. I 've never tried the 100% power up, and maybe I should as you said, it's for the benefit of steemit platform. And I like this to continue to exist. Thanks @damarth!

thanks you friend
you has upvote me
I hope you can resteem my post

Nice strategy...

Great post,
It's still very early days for steemit!
There's no doubt once more people hear about it, Steemit will grow like crazy :D

Thank you very much for you upvote it was a really nice surprise I'm sure I will enjoy saying hi to the new users with that huge help you gave them. I believe in looking to new users welcome them.

I wrote a post about how to attract more authors to the steem platform:

very nic post and good information
thank for sharing
i like it :)
followed you

Hi @damarth , I like your idea , More you hold steem power more you have responsabilities to use your vote power in a productive way.
that's great that you care about quality posts in here . I hope I can do my bests in my next posts . and I know that one day I have to do that for new users like myself.

Good idea @damarth! I will do it the same when my voting power is strong!

You have a good mind set. The most people live in their own world and don't rate other good content. I started 6 weeks ago and see on my minnow/redfish level a lot of great content, which gets just a couple of cents. We need to find the right balance. When I have some power left in MSP then I upvote other users.


I think the best argument to promote a balanced voting strategy is understanding that we are all shareholders of steemit success. Evrybody contribute to help the growth of the platform just by posting, voting and talking about it around us.
Steemit has a great future :)

Thank you for the lesson I'm still new here and have alot to learn so I love your steem because it taught me something and I appreciate that and what you do for the new steemians , best wishes🕊


Thank you very much for your kind words, there is some really good contents on steemit i learn something everyday :)



@damarth, I am proud of the upvote you gave me, I am so glad, thank you for the great

Good steemit information @damarth

Really interesting and productive technique, thanks to have shared I will try to apply it as much as I can, for now I try not to upvote my post (or rarely) :) I try to upvote productive comments on my posts, especially if the user has taken the time to analyse my content and comes up with an idea or meaning I did not have when creating it (i am a photographer/digital artist).

hola @darmarth primero que todo darte las gracias por el upvote en mi reciente post, soy nuevo y me solprendi cuando vi como aumento, y sali de una a buscar quien fue esa persona que apoyo mi post, ya te estoy siguiendo y me puse a leer este post y no se mucho de esto pero me parece muy buena estrategia de ayudar a las nuevas personas para que se motiven a seguir adelante y avanzar en esta red social,. un saludo desde colombia

Hi @damarth

I found you because I saw a new #introduceyourself post that had been upvoted to a good dollar amount even though it was less than 10 minutes old. Saw that you were the upvoter and then found you blog, read this post and followed you.

I like your style!

I also think that it's a good thing to welcome people and encourage people to keep posting. I've noticed that a lot of people join, write a few posts maybe for a week... and then stop posting. I'd like to encourage people to keep writing and I think what you are doing really helps with that.

I don't have as much Steem Power as you do, but I'll be following your example.

That is super cool plan ! 😁👍
Im new here so i hope u stop by and check if u like stuff i post !
Cheers mate !

Your vote for newbie are rally valuable ! Thank you so much for your contribution @damarth !👍👍👍.
You are doing great for this community .

Wow....Nice post .....


Sir,pls come my blog and give me your important upvote 🙏👏

I dont know. your post is helful to me.But i dont get any who upvote me in good steem power

I'm a new user in steemit.
I also just read your old post.

I am really very challenged to make interesting papers that can get your attention.

can i try to repost your writing in indonesian ??

so that my other friends can also get attention from you with good papers too ?

Thanks for your attention.


As long as you link my post and show it is coming from me you can traduct it without problem.
I am sure you will also write great content by yourselve, have fun.

Very good sir .
Hopefully morw people like sir .
Thank for your information @damarth please help me sir .

I want to share with you.mister @damarth, because the need that I really need kan.karena my parents again sick.I live with my parents who are old and again ill, my mother has died since my childhood living with father I am now 80 years old. We are tiggal in the interior, living in poverty, now my parents are old and sick, I have to try to finance my parents, the cost of drugs. I do not want to be children who are not godly. in my steemit newcomer with all the shortcomings, I have to work hard, apologize already vent @damarth you are a very generous and kind person.

hi @Damarth
I suppose you are proper, and i say i suppose, because although you cowl ninety% of the market with this, i've the feeling you are missing two critical goal groups.

For a begin there are the people who supply applicable comments. positive there are loads of folks who simply say; "satisfactory submit" or "good stuff" and from a number of them they're only right here to just get an upvote or a follow from the content material creator. but there are also Steemians who do examine the content material and deliver precise feedback, or at least try to. I think these human beings do deserve an upvote, as a minimum, this is the manner I reward the people that actually put attempt in analyzing my stuff. a good way to get my upvote of eight till 20% you will ought to upvote the post and put in a good remark.

another element not blanketed is i believe the human beings who've been writing their ass off for several months however do now not get noticed the way they ought to. these Steemians additionally deserve a few help as in any other case they'll unfastened the religion in Steemit. on the other hand those are tougher to locate, as they haven't any special tag.

I definitely accept as true with you, with the intention to get Steemit to a better level you'll have to use your balloting strength in a tactical way.

Steem on!

relly cool post