Steem Verify API

in steemit •  9 months ago

If you haven't read my previous post please check it out.

Steem Verify now has an open API you can use to see if somebody is verified.

Every 30 minutes we push the contents of our verified database to

Documentation is available here.

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Thanks Dalt great info. As a beginner to this world where and what is the best place and thing to start doing?


Welcome to Steemit! Definitely set a profile picture, make a bio, and write an introduction post so people can get to know you better.


Thanks will do so right now


Welcome @lionheart8980 ! I agree w/ what @dalt said about getting started. If you need any help hit me up!

I've been to the website, but I apparently need to get verified first. How can I do that with you guys? I've been waiting to get my "I'm a real boy" verification badge from @steemverify I've just been waiting a bit. I know it's free, but I'm still gonna kick you guys down 3 SBD.
Thank you for your time. V


Hi. We no longer let people apply for verification. Instead, notable community members "verify" people who are at a high risk of impersonation.

Why? Well.. verifying anybody and everybody kind of defeats the purpose. Thanks for your continued support though.


This new direction makes perfect sense. In my younger years with Myspace and Friendster as well as the other social media sites before Friendster, I had a lot of people creating fake accounts with my photos.
I definitely like.