Trying out SP delegation - Day 1, Day 2

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So previously, I delegated 190 of my SP to @jerrybanfield since he's running an interesting experiment to help the Steemit community grow to greater heights: Banfield has an interesting bot which helps to curate interesting and original content.

As an investor in his voting bot, let's see the returns on my investment of 190SP from Day 1 and Day 2:

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 11.43.23 AM.png

What I've noticed from the daily earnings is that the payout is not constant. I've yielded 0.145 SBD and 0.051 Steem on the 1st Day and 0.155 SBD and 0.014 Steem on the 2nd Day. To whales and dolphins, these amounts of Steem and SBD may not seem significant at all. However, let's analyze the returns based on a hypothetical perspective to see if Banfield's bot is worth the investment.

The Forecast

Assuming we'll yield 0.155 SBD for the next few days, this will work out to a payout of 4.65 SBD per month.

Now, there's a huge change in the payout of Steem from the 1st to the 2nd Day. Since I can't predict how much Steem I'll receive for the next few days, I'll be conservative and assume that 0.014 Steem is the lowest Steem payout I'll ever receive. This assumption will work out to be 0.42 Steem per month.

Given that the payout is distributed in Steem and SBD, we have to convert SBD to Steem to make a fair calculation. Since the SBD/Steem market seems to be fluctuating all the time, let's assume we can always convert 1 SBD to 1 Steem.

Return On Investment

Let's annualized our forecast on a 12-month basis:

Payout of SBD: 55.8 SBD
Converting 55.8 SBD at the above assumption: 55.8 Steem

Payout of Steem: 5.04 Steem

Total forecasted Steem payout: 60.84 Steem

Return on investment: ~ 32%


The above calculation is made based on a couple of assumption which may or may not hold depending on the Steemit market conditions and the number of investors investing in the voting bot. Now, a 32% return seems to be quite decent given that I don't have to manually curate every good content on the Steemit platform.

So what do you think about delegation? Is delegating my SP a good way to help build the Steemit platform? Feel free to leave your comments below

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this is interesting to know. How did u go about the delegation? i would like to give it a try once i have mounted up a good amount of SP. Thanx in advance for your response.


well, there are a number of people who want delegation for their bots. But I'm not too sure if the returns are all that interesting though. I think you might be better off self-voting, however, I don't think that's necessarily good for the steemit ecosystem. So I recommend that you find someone who wants some delegation to do good curation. Just contact that person and they'll explain how delegation works to you.