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I have been called to duty, a fellow Steemian needs my help! I have always stated from day one “we will get there together”, now it’s time for me to put my money where my mouth is and I have done just that!

I started out on Partiko merely just trying to help raise visibility for @crypto.talk embracing the challenge of gaining @Partiko Partnership. Well as you all know I did It and placed 🥈 which I am proud of.

I have a new mission helping another fellow Steemian, I figured what better way then incorporating that agenda along with my contest entry for Partiko’s contest “My Story With Partiko”. Furthermore I will be taking a different approach, a GIPHY story(all gifs below from GIPHY) and what better person to represent the agenda then the Fresh Prince himself!

@Wayso has hit a rough patch while on Vacation, I want to bring him out of the hood we call main stream social media so he can feel the embrace of steemit here in Bel-Air where everyone is privileged. @Vincy has started a Fundition for him as his Steemit account may have even been compromised, please if you like my work take your upvotes and support for me to her post here:

I Have Been Called Too Duty

Could you imagine if the fresh prince was ever called to duty how charismatic and entertaining his arrival would be?

I was notified by @Steemcafe of the @Partiko beta launch and that it would be a good idea to get in the waiting list early, Man was he right!

It has helped me in so many ways, bringing me back to my humble beginnings here on Steemit. Most everything I do is a form of mimicry of someone else’s work with my own spin on it! That’s admiration at its finest is it not?

Just doing me I was able to gain partnership using my technique of KISS, leaving behind me the footwork for others to follow and find success.

It all lined up perfectly for my time away from work. I was struggling with my mental state as I have for most of my life, getting back into writing was the therapy I needed. Just this act alone of challenging myself to write about one word a day was all I needed to start those creative juices flowing.

Man are they flowing, I have more ideas then the Fresh Prince has dance moves! Watch out Bel-Air @D00k13 is here.

Bust a move to write about my emotions!

Bust a move to compose original photo edits!

Bust a move to bring it all back to support my followers!

To think it all started with wanting to help. Feedback and suggestions were welcomed and better yet I got to shake digital hands with the developer. Even having the main @Partiko account stopping in on my posts basically saying “right on brother gimmie some skin”

When I won partnership I pretty well hit the floor

I suppose all my efforts of layering my works with hidden meanings below the obvious message paid off, even the logo I created combining my two main supports was received extremely well. I think Sida gets me, I think he really gets me!

I ended up gaining partnership just before my vacation, and I blogged the whole thing! I was aiming to get the daily for 30 @steemitboards award, I ended up doing an average of 3 posts a day by far more then originally intending. Why? Because I was getting support for my work and raising visibility for my support at the same time.

So now I have been called to duty again, another Steemian needs help in the same way @crypto.talk needed help. Using what I have learned about outreach I am aiming with this post to help @Wayso who is @Vincy’s brother. I feel compassion for his story of struggle as I often have periods of bad luck myself. Please show him the love you all have been showing me.

I started by encouraging Vincy to start a fundition, I then Resteemed the post with both my account and @onelovedtube with 💯 upvotes from both. Then I moved into boosting with a 4 STEEM smartsteem.com vote purchase, so the ball is rolling. I do not know @Wayso personally but I have had enough communication with @Vincy to know she is a loving mother with no bad intentions so if she says her brother is in trouble and needs help/support I am on it as if he is a brother of my own.

That is “My Story With Partiko” how can I take this support they are showing me and help others with it? I can help raise awareness! So again I plead with you show my #OneLoveDTube sister @Vincy the love only a family can, unconditionally, help support her brother @Wayso discover that same love you have shown me!

My brother @wayso got robbed on holiday. Help him feel the Steemit love!

P.S. like mama always said “put others above yourself” so all liquid rewards and contest winnings relative to this post will be given to @Vincy for her brother @Wayso!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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Ps @partiko please enable GIPHY looping in post 🤦‍♂️

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Ohh nevermind it’s only in the screen after posting coming back to it everything works yay Giphy story 💪

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Aww you’re so sweet I didn’t see this post tag notifications! But lucky I checked! Thank you thank you!!! ❤️❤️

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yeah this post didn't show up in search or anything... weird
ahh well I tried

That’s weird.. but I did see partiko link this in their winners post

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Yeah it was included in the nominations but not officially a winner

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