Launching of the Steem Accelerator Hub Uyo was a success: Meetup with Steemians, and photos from event..

in steemit •  11 months ago


Today was an amazing day for Uyo Steemit community. "Steem Accelerator hub" powered by 'STACH' was being launch today in the city of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. And as many may ask, what is "STACH"?

STACH is a physical Accelerator Hub dedicated to decentralizing the offline by breaking the barriers to accessing the internet like light, internet and conducive working space.


It was a great event, the turn out was massive. We had great steemiens from different part of the country, @nairadaddy, @destinysaid, @gbenga, @susan, @ewuoso, @air-clinic, coming in to witness this wonderful project. @ejemai and the "STACH'' team have really done a great job. This will stand the test of time, he has really contributed to the growth of the community. Now Steemiens in Uyo no longer have excuses for electricity and internet, because the 'HUB' is providing 24 hours electricity and free wifi.


For me it was amazing having sitting with these Steemiens with great minds, @ejemai, @theheralds, @sparklez, @sequential. We shared ideas on how to make steemit better, and how to promote steemit through football.


I will love to say a very big thank you to @ejemai and the 'STACH' team for all their good works and effort. They've really affected the steemit community positively. And all great steemiens out there, working day in day out to make this place a better place. I LOVE YOU ALL


Opening of Steemit Uyo Hub

@ejemai giving some tips about Steemit...

Great Steemiens from event

Me and our very own @vheobong

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Glad to see you spreading the word. It will pay off.

Victor..i see u everywr..didnt knw u wr on steemit...weldone and follow suit @aideedavies


na so i follow see you o....sister is that how you used to do? asking for following but you're not following


I have followed u


@aideedavies how come i didn't see you? It's AB-The people's president @desmonddesk

Wow...this is good to be heard. We are waiting for you here in Enugu. Come back and update us with the next move on steem it. I sight my direct boss... @sparklez. Steem on my great people.

how i wish I could be there... I am sure you all had some mad fun.


yea you really was a lot more than fun

I smell excitement in the atmosphere.
Steemit is really powering at Uyo.


yes you can say that again..Steemit is really powering in uyo..The Uyo steemit community is the fastest growing community in Nigeria.


I really have no reason to doubt this.

This is awesome... Where my lagos gees na

Hey @d-lights it was nice connecting with you. This is @desmonddesk



same here bro...hope to see more of you..


You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!

This is nice. Looking forward to making this a reality here in Warri, Nigeria

Great work @stach. Am glad you have a great time.


yes we all did have a great time..

that is great keep it up


great job, need this in Lagos Ikorodu

I was there live it was a great event with a fantastic experience.

· was nice having those conversation with you..

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What a great event.