Not feeling the steemit and on good enough and going ghost for robots

in #steemit2 years ago

I started 2018 january with much enthusiasm toward the platform, I've spent hours and hours trying to understand it, I was excited, but also overwhelmed. Too much to do, to much to see, to much to look after. I thought about writing stories, where you can choose your path and go to different posts, I've never made it. Not sure why, even though I don't know anyone personally I felt responsible for it to be "good". That is the main block. Which is an interesting thing, because really what is "good" or "good enough". I keep coming back to this and trying to give others permission to write or create art without a "degree" or the label of being a "real" writer, but it seems like I can't jump that big.

So I think for now, I will not post human content, just some pictures or words or I try to find how to schedule posts (do you know?) and leave this here automated as I invested some in SBI and also shadowbots. Maybe come back some day, maybe not. Or with a different account, different ideas, I'm not sure. But as of now, no time for this, need to focus on the actual offline life (all good there!).

See you


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