First month on steemit and the things we have done and started.

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Well to start out we joined last month In august we were told this was a cool platform so we joined. We thought we would join and spread the word of cyber security and the promote the ways of having free speech no matter where you are in the world with the use of vpn's and other information. Our Intro post did great people seemed to like the message we had to say and what our company is about the post earned almost $800 sbd. To tell you the truth we were extremely excited.

So we started a post about charity a few days later, in the first 24 hour honestly it only got a few cents. Over one month we made it our mission to post it as much as possible, we talk to users to get our message out their. During this one month we started something that some of you might not now about it yet. We started @steemitcharity and the idea behind steemitcharity is to post for charities and to helps charities. Steemitcharity will be taking on a whole bigger mission we will be keeping track of every charity post on the site.

If you plan to earn for charity you need to provide verification of your self and the charity you're supposedly earning for. is new so if we make sure a system is put in place that people can't freely come and try to scam using charities names, well that's one less headline the community has to worry about. But back to cryptovpn adventure of this one month we earned over $600 dollars for charity, started a new group that helps charities and watches charities and we met a bunch of amazing people and steemspeak.

One thing we can say for sure is we love steemit and the people the surround the community. We might sometimes have a difference of opinion but the intellectual conversation you can have hours upon hours is truly baffling. So i guess id like to say thank you for welcoming us to the community and helping us start something new that hopefully that will turn into something amazing.


This is a great idea! Although I don't appreciate you getting on my post and making a negative statement like you did and then not even replying to my reply. I would appreciate it if you backed your statement up with some reasoning. You acted as if you told me something that I wasn't aware of, which you did not. I would appreciate some real feedback!

It was more of a public statement which required no further discussion. I pretty much said all that needed to be said.

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