My renewed faith in humanity is due to this community <3 <3 <3

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Hello all,

I am brand new to Steemit, but learning very quickly, and have to say it truly is a genius idea....

I cannot possibly give enough credit to those who put this all together and contribute to its success. This most recent spike in the market cap of crypto currency's has really renewed my interest in the crypto space as a whole and have become a sponge soaking up every bit of knowledge that I can. I am investing into many different area's in the crypto space, from mining, buying new currencies, to the time I spend talking about crypto related topics to any other human being that will listen lol...(Lot's think I'm kinda crazy).

I can honestly say that the society and world we live in truly had me depressed...I kinda regressed to a place as a human where I didn't really want to be apart of it. I but I honestly all the different projects in the crypto space have given me renewed passion for the future of humanity. It's truly become a new obsession, one I believe that will have immense benefits to my life and our society.

Everything about the corruption in this world and freedoms that we have been slowly losing, or the nature of capitalism creating classes of people...all these things I despised...they also brought me down and gave me a feeling of being powerless. I now realize that I am apart of something that serves to take the control back and put it back into the people's hands. Crypto is going to revolutionize our world, it is going to topple governments eventually, and it will create a new shift that it will truly start a new era in our world. It cannot be possibly stopped.

I am excited to say that this is my first post to Steemit, and I am ecstatic to have learned about and now become apart of this community....reddit never gave me this kind of excitement.

Thanks to all of you for your contributions to the crypto space, I really look forward to soaking up as much knowledge and contributing what I can with my renewed faith in society.


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