Option to delete posts?

in #steemit5 years ago

I think posts #delete would be useful, although i realize it's hard to implement it, votes has to be returned, security question arraises too.
But a solution could be to create a "Post archive" for each user. So when post is deleted, it's not actually deleted, but placed in Post Archive, this will keep things consistent but will allow to remove trashy and unwanted posts from #steemit as well as google index.


  • more freedom and control for users


  • there may be no cons actually, if "archive" approach is implemented

Can this be a future request, what do you think steemers?


There is steemit-ideas category. Please always put articles like this into the steemit-ideas category. Thank you.

Tnx for heads up, kinda messy with all those tags, so i missed it