Is Steemit just a crypto version of Looks like..

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I've been watching steemit development, so far lots of things are being improved right now, but...why the f*** i still got this feeling that steemit consists of 5% "lucky" developers, 80% of marketing "gurus" and 15% of some "very interesting posts" like "hi i'm blonde", "i am traveling, upvote!", "makeup for zombies" etc. etc.

Most money-making posts though are just "How i made a fortune on steemit", or "How to make money on steemit - TOP 10 methods"...etc. etc.
I have seen all this, long long ago, at a "beautiful" place called Warrior Forum I "loved" that place so much, that i haven't visited it for years, until now, when i got a reason to - to compare.

I do realize that each and every project needs marketing, specially in crypto world, and that hired "authors" is sortof a must at the begining, along with very inspiring articles and showing "how simple it to get paid on steemit" but cmon, it's just getting rediculos at this point, can we stop?

I know, lots of people feel the same, and that actually reflects on steem price and marketcap... Along with many nice authors and crypto-persons suddenly vanished away from steemit, at least i don't find em..
Hope things change in a while, but for now... - (((

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