🎥 Can STEEM ecosystem survive without Steemit?

in steemit •  12 days ago

Hello dear Steemians, Dtubers and members of DCooperation!

We know that four days ago Ned Scott, the co-founder of Steemit, Inc alongside with Dan Larimer, wrote a post and uploaded a video in which he said that they are going to reorganize the company and that they are going to layoff almost 70% of the team.

In my view, if we rely only on Steemit it means that we are not really decentralized ecosystem.

So, my question is: «Can STEEM ecosystem survive without Steemit?»

Please, watch my video before answering the question.

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Well in my opinion it steem might survive without steemit but it would be highly unlikely. As a crowd we people are very slow to adapt, steem without steemit a few active users might use other platforms for steem but most users will simply abandon the platform altogether which will cause major problem in the community.


@trade-strategist, thank you for commenting. Yeah, I've been also thinking about it, about the, so called, «chain reaction». I mean if many people abandon the ecosystem, because one of the dApps disappear, it will have a very big negative effect on the whole ecosystem. Because, all these sub-ecosystems are haivily intertwined.
We will see.

it's complicated.
I understand you while watching, but my opinion I have not yet formed.


@behelen, I agree with you. I am not a tech geek. So, this is the reason I am asking this question. But, some people (mainly developers) claim that Steemit is already not that important for the ecosystem.
If it is true then it is nice (in my view). Our ecosystem is then well diversified.

We will survive no matter what :D you are right!


@kawaiicrush, thank you! We will unify and support our great ecosystem!

I believe this blockchain can survive without Ned and Steemit Inc. The CEO has not managed properly his company and to rely on selling your Steem to pay salaries and maintain infrastructure is not the way to go.

We can create an independent foundation or a consortium of DAPPS that push ideas and innovation. Every member and developers can work and contribute, and receive a reward in Steem. Then push this stuff on the next hard fork and every witness to approve or not.


@chesatochi, thank you for your interesting opinion. Yeah, probably we need some kind of foundation, that is independant...We will see what will happen.

I think it can survive if steemit will not work. Of course it's playing a big role in all our journey, but steem blockchain is the most important and we already have a lot of apps created in it. Everything is depending on investors now, if investors will not see the value in steemit, they will not invest in it. But steemit is also an app built on steem blockchain. You can say that's the main one, but steem can survive for sure. Steem is much bigger than any application. It's our main currency and our blockchain.

I hope of course that steemit will survive, but it's not for me to decide. As you said, maybe it will be much better, so people will use apps more. Because only using most apps in steem can make people happy here.

Thanks for the nice video and the good inspiration. ☺


@clixmoney, thank you for your valuable comment! I also cross my fingers for Steemit, Inc. I hope they will survive and improve. I am very very grateful to them for all they have done for Steem blockchain. But, of course, it will be much better if Steem is not too much dependant ot Steemit, Inc. existence.
I hope that some tech geeks will write in the comments. I want to hear their opinions, as well. I will be glad if it is the same like yours. Yeah, we need more applications that can be considered as perfect substitutes. In this case we will be much more decentralized.