My rules for my friends !!

in steemit •  10 months ago

Being a friend on steemit gets you paid off. The strategy of a beginner is to be a genuine guy on this platform.

The rules I follow for my steemit account is as follows:

1. Follow me and I follow you

As soon as I am online, I follow all of them who followed me
You can check my profile. I followed everyone who followed + some stallwarts of this platform from whom I learn something new

2. Upvote my post and I upvote your post

If I see your upvote, I visit your blog and upvote one of your post.
I wait for my voting power to go high so that you benefit upon my voting.

3. Comment on my post and I comment on your post

If you like my post and therefore give a comment, I appreciate it and reply on it. I visit your blog and comment on a post which I like !!

4. Resteem my post and I resteem one of your post

Resteeming pays you just like authoring and curating. So do resteem my posts if you feel. With resteeming, we can make the community grow faster !!


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Upvoted, commented, & followed... Simple rules and direct to the point. Thanks for being assertive, @cryptosomania.

Be inspired by miracles and moments of magnificence in When Your Presence Is Enough... Enjoy your day!


Welcome, my friend @timliwanag
I just now upvoted your comment and followed you

Your rules are nice, but it's better you make friends and fit into a community and above all have fun. just upvoted your post. courtesy #newbieresteemday