Ned Scott Steemit CEO and Jeffrey Tucker on The Crypto Show 89.1 fm

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The first part of the show Jeffrey discuss his relationship with Murray Rothbard. Then we shift into Jeffrey's take on the new Snowden movie and Snowdens view on Ayn Rand as portrayed in the movie. Then Ned Scott joins the Show to give a history and future road map of

Original air date 9/18/16 on LogosRadioNetwork

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Not that there was anything new in the talk show, its still GOOD to hear Jeffrey is around and doing great!!!

Btw I am convinced about that Steemit is WORKING now, and the red flag I was writing about, is almost completely gone in my head!! I hope my analysis served to some sort of value for the community..

See you around guys.

cool thx for sharing this! can't wait to watch

Great post and deserves an upvote. STEEMIT really hasn't even scratched the surface yet and is an amazing concept. I recently posted a couple of articles about STEEMIT, the future of BLOCKCHAIN, Social Media CryptoCurrencies, and how Dan & Ned have just opened Pandora's Box on Mainstream Media. You may find them interesting to read. Especially the one about Dan & Ned as it fits with your post and you will understand why..!! Following and always looking forward to reading more of your stuff. Cheers. stephen

Great show as always, I have a long commute to work each day and make sure I have your podcast on in the car!

Thanks for listening we appreciate it. Feel free to join us live our call in number if you want join in is 512-646-1984.

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