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RE: More than 800,000 Steemit accounts / Mehr als 800.000 Steemit-Konten

in #steemit5 years ago
active in ...number of active accounts
last 24 hours70341
last 7 days119268
last 30 days224414
last 365 days690139

I use these values to determine the activity:

  • last_post
  • last_root_post
  • last_vote_time

Thank you for these numbers. They are important. You can eventually add the “last comment” figure, if that’s available.

To me, the only two meaningful numbers on that table is daily and weekly, but the rest is also interesting, because it shows how low the retention rate is.

These numbers also contain people who have just signed up. This can be filtered out by restricting the query to accounts older than 30 days. You can calculate a retention ratio by calculating the following ratio: (accounts older than 30 days and active in the last seven days) / accounts older than 30 days.

Do these numbers also include automated accounts, i.e. bots? If so, I don’t know how to filter them. And actual human numbers might be lower.

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