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The number of steemit accounts continues to grow strongly. Today we reached the 300,000 mark . But unfortunately this has the disadvantage that the value of a single upvote decreases.

blue: number of accounts
red: new accounts per day

Die Anzahl der Steendokonten wächst weiter stark an. Heute haben wir die 300.000 Marke erreicht. Aber leider hat dies den Nachteil, dass der Wert eines einzelnen upvotes immer weiter sinkt.

blau: Gesamtanzahl der steemit Accounts
rot: neue Accounts pro Tag


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How do up vote values change with the number of steemit accounts?


Answer from @thecryptofiend
"As for why the dollar value of the vote tally varies from minute to minute it is not that complicated.
The value of each vote is dependent on how many people vote each day and the price of Steem.
This is because the amount of Steem produced each day is fixed and hence a fixed amount of this is available as payment for posts via voting.
The values are only estimates and are likely to vary over time based on the difference between the number of people actually voting and the prediction system which determines the value of the vote.
In addition to this the actually moment to moment value of Steem will also vary which will also affect the figure.
To be honest given all the variables it surprising that it does not change more often."

So if more people join the platform it is more likely that there will be more voting which affects the total payout. One thing more members joining the community should affect is the price of Steem going up, although maybe with some lag.


It is the VALUE of the vote (not power) that varies based on the price of STEEM and the total votes cast that day (since the amount of Steem to be distributed is fixed and the number of votes are not)


good question.. .

It's doubled since May? Well that's impressive. I wonder for how long it can sustain that growth curve?

Great post
Resteemed voted👍🏼

Great post. Thanks for share.

and there are more people and more will join STEEMIT /
es werden noch mehr folgen , eine ewig wachsende Community

Interesting observation.

What will happen as Steemit grows in 2019? With such growth, vote value will decrease further, right?

Thank you very much for these stats. Yeah the community is growing but so we have the same amount to share. It is just fair.

Incisive post @cryptoriddler,its certain we will hit the 1million member mark,pretty soon,all the way steemit,post resteemed.. @detycoon

Does any voting power get recovered from inactive accounts? Do people have to manually deactivate, and when they do, does that restore some of the voting power?

D.h. wenn wir die grösse von Facebook erreicht haben sind die Upvotes defacto nichts mehr wert.

Great article. Steemit is the future of social media

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That's a lot of new accounts, but are they investing is Steem for Steem Power?

Wow, Just a slight inflation then...

Good numbers !
But my friends still waiting for their accounts to be approved !
And it is around 2 month by now !
They applied twice - I believe ...
So, for me it is kind of strange to see this digits !!!


dude, it took me 2 weeks to get approved as well...
my guess would be the servers are rather occupied approving all these new applicants.
did your friends use the help in the steemit chat, yet?


Very informative stats thanks !!

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Thank you for all these informations

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To me @cryptoriddler a currency point of 100 value enjoyed by 200, it is always better be shared by 300. More people benefit although the cake for each is smaller...


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very informative stats. Thank you

I wonder what the stats are now? Is there a way of finding out somewhere?

What i am interested in knowing is the 2 EKG spikes in the chart (huge spikes up and down) a result of some form of advertising Driving sign ups? Normally i would not ask but that is rather dramatic. Whats do you think the driving force might be? Youtube driven maybe? Look at 2017 06-08 in two months the number of users almost doubled. Thats beginning facebook type numbers. Thank you ahead of time. this article is worth my weak upvote. :)

Wie kommt man auf "Steendokonten"? Wäre das nicht etwa Steemitkonten?


Ja, das ist das Wort welches ich eigentlich schreiben wollte. Keine Ahnung, wie dieser Tippfehler zustande kam. Leider ist der Artikel nun schon so alt, dass keine Änderungen mehr möglich sind.