Distribution of reputation levels 2018-06-01 / Verteilung der Reputationslevel 01.06.2018

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In the following graphic I visualized the distribution of reputation levels. The numbers on the top of the boxes indicate the reputation level and the number of accounts with this level
In der folgenden Grafik habe ich die Verteilung der Reputationslevel visualisiert. Die Nummern auf den Oberseiten der Quader geben den Reputationslevel und die Anzahl der Accounts mit diesem Level an.


As you can see in the image, the current minimum reputation level is -16 and the maximum reputation level is 80.
Wie in dem Bild zu erkennen ist, ist der minimale erreichte Reputationslevel zur Zeit -16 und der maximale Reputationslevel 80.
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One thing I find interesting about this is that it doesn't really seem to be following a fixed distribution curve. If you toss out everything 25 and below, there's sort of a peak in the 30's range, and you see the numbers diminish as you crawl upward, but it seems that while there's certainly more effort involved in increasing reputation there doesn't seem to be as much of a mathematical fall-off effect.

One thing that I think would be interesting is to look past reputation to look at the scoring basis for reputation: we know that reputation increases function via a logarithmic formula, so it would be interesting to see how much people score in that way and see how that distribution looks.

This is interesting information. I didnt have any idea how things are .... the 25 score is suprising...so it means that if the total number of accounts is around 1mil, than more than 80% are in this category. This are either inactive account or bots. Either way it is a huge number, and maybe some cleaning is needed :)

You would have to be a very bad person to be at a -16 reputation.


I wonder what Bernies Anders thinks about that.

hello @cryptoriddler I really like your post and the image of all the reputation blocks on Steemit. Could you please elaborate on how you got this info?


Hey @intrepidsurfer, I collect the account information for all accounts with steem-python and count how many accounts are there for every reputation level. After that i use an other python script to render the image with blender.

Wow, so it's only one person that has gotten to that point. Who would that be, I'm among the 5586 with the rep 42.


haejin has reputation 80
wang has reputation -16

That's a cool visual representation of it. It's surprising to see that so many accounts haven't even moved off of the starting level. It's also surprising how few accounts there are with higher level of reputation.

shout out to all the 59ers!