Dear Diary: I have Learned to Accept My Appearance but Not My Health Issues

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I believe that my appearance will even get worse as days go by without some kind of treatment. But treatment is on the way now and I am just waiting for the big day of Thursday where I will God-willing be sent to Manila where I can be examined and tested for regarding my bone condition.

Having this condition gives me some kind of benefits like for example in the bank the other day where the staff maybe just assumed that I was really incapable even in filling out my debit card form just filled it out by herself for my assistance so that made my life a little more of ease regarding that issue.

Then when I was outside trying to change my card's PIN code, they just held an umbrella over me because of the heat of the sun, they even assisted me in changing my PIN code even though I can accomplish that by myself. I was thankful nonetheless.

Then at the UnionBank's place where this lady guard assisted my mother by pushing me in my wheelchair through a difficult inclined path leading to the bank. So I am getting some help, special attention, and special treatment regarding my disability and appearance mainly as I had observed.

But for my health issues that affects my way of life even the basic things like eating , walking, and communicating. It were all affected by my recent rapid health changes. So I am full of uncertainty because I know what is going on with my health and if left unabated, it will worsen still.

It is my hope that I can manage to hold this mentally like I am doing right now as if it is really an easy peasy thing to handle. But I am so worried like if I cannot eat anymore with my mouth, what Kind of life will I get? I am giving my trust to the doctors to heal me and I pray to God to help me on this and bless the steemit community and my friends that helps me.


Hello @cryptopie! I admire your courage! You will for sure get better! Have you every heard/read of Morris Goodman? Known as "miracle man"? He had a plane crash in 1981, doctors told him he will never be able to walk again. But he healed, as he says, only by the power of his will! I think everybody should read his story, just google him. I think this will give you some good vibes for your healing :)

Thank you for the support @twolittlebirds
I am trying to get better by working on my present plans as I have told in my articles here. The only barrier really is the expense so I am also trying to get assistance for that s well.
I am still having a hope that things will get better soon.

I have also hope!

You are a full of courage. I can't imagine how you keep writing and fighting. All I know is that you are an inspiration. I know I don't possess even an ounce of your grit, but I will always remember what I've learned from you. Thank you for somehow bearing the unbearable with such bravery. You honour those who live with hardship all over the world and you honour all those more fortunate. I don't believe there are any limitations to your strength.

Thank you Sir @benjojo for your kind words of encouragement. I have to be tough on this because it is a tough battle and I only have the steemit weapon of love and care of the community that is why I am keeping on as to not let down the people who takes me as an inspiration.

I still see in the horizon the hope that I am dearly longing for all my life. God Help me and God bless the #steemit community.

You have such a strong mentality. I hope your trip to Manila has a lot of benefits for you. And even to enjoy food for a long time to come.

I am at work trying to get strong with both my mind and my body. @haphazard-hstead
So I just need a helping hand from the place where it is possible which is this wonderful #steemit community.

There is ability in disability. I know that work does not kill, but the grumbling does. I know that you can achieve all that you can set your mind to achieve. Just see yourself exactly where you want to be and surely you will be there.

I really am OK if it wasn't for this terrible bone condition but I am still positive about all these @rikkeybrown

Good Luck to you Thursday Arnold we are keeping you in our Thoughts and Prayers.

God bless and keep you @woodywood143 for your support.

I really hope for a fast recovery on your treatment. Being in that state is not easy. You give us your diary every now and then. In that way it give us an inspiration that in life we must think positive and must be brave to face our delimas.

Thank you for those encouraging words @jaderpogi
I am also happy that I am inspiring alot of people out there.

Keep the faith and courage. Prayers for you...

Thank you @zararina for all your support and prayer God Bless you.

Get well soon.. Ur spirit is best strength for ur healing.

Thank you @nilam
I agree with you and I try to keep both up and running.

I too pray that you will have healing , God will fully heal you. Keep that positive mentality and things will turn out great . As always we are with you in prayer :)

I am thankful for your kind words @practicaleric
God Bless and Keep you for your prayers I appreciate it with all my heart

You're so brave @cryptopie
I wish you all the best and pray things work out.
Never give up buddy.

Thank you too Sir for all your assistance as it is all important to me.
God Bless and keep you.

I wish you all the best and pray things work out

never give up my friend

good for you! it's what's inside each of us that will prevail!

Thank you and please always pray for me @gueahm

Meeting you for the first time today feels as though I have known for first a long time.... You ve inspired me...
My heart and thought is with you?

Thank you for your support @creon
God Bless and Keep you

You are welcome man

Hang in there. Never give up hope that they will find a cure to whatever ails you now.

I still have hope @spearo and will not let it go.

Don't lose hope. God will heal you. JUST THINK POSITIVE ALWAYS.

Thank you for your support @athenabree08
It is very very hard really but I am still holding on.

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Ow my God! Get well soon buddie, wud u please! Steemit loves you so much and so do i.

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I do hope you get the needed treatment. yo are beautiful Good bless you stay happy!

As a man of faith in pray our good Lord will touch his miracle hands ✋ on you and you will be well In Jesus Name... Receive your healing @cryptopie We await your testimony...!

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