Dear Diary: I can Get to the Hospital at Manila with a Free Ambulance Service from Our Local Government

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My doctor and I at her consultation clinic

My good and kind doctor had put me into social services at the Saint Luke's Medical Center Global City at Taguig City in order for me to get around 90% discount on all the necessary bone tests and procedure costs and it doesn't get any better than that because that Hospital is a very good hospital of it's kind.

It is necessary for my doctor to send me there because it is where the doctor who treated the other patient with the same case like mine is working so I can be seen and evaluated. And there are many excellent doctors there as well that my doctor can consult with so that she can manage me with a proper knowledge on how to do it.

Now, going there is not a problem anymore because my ever reliable mother had talked to our former village chairman which has a good connection to our local town officials to procure us a free ambulance service with a free driver too. We do not have to worry about the gas expenses nor the payment for the driver because it all we be settled by the local government. But we just anyway have to give some for the driver for human considerations.

It will be on the next Thursday so it will be a big day for me to get excited about because for one thing I miss going to the city and I used to go there when I was still able and even had planned to go see the national museum when I used to see it when I was riding the Light rail transit on my way to another hospital.


We will get a call from my doctor on the next Thursday when she had settled the things at the hospital for me then we will God-willing proceed to go to Saint Luke's. So what I will have to worry about is my back to cooperate and some cash that it wouldn't run out and the food that my mother would prepare to bring along.

And with all that I am so thankful and grateful. God help me and God bless the #steemit friends for all the unending love, care, and support for my peculiar medical needs that I am so eager to fight off. God Bless you and keep you dear steemit community.


Hey @cryptopie! This is wonderful news!

I am so grateful your doctor is such a great person this shows there are still very kind people around the world!

I am glad you are getting all you need!

Hello Sir @zeartul
Thank you for your unending support and I appreciate them very much with all my heart.
I am lucky to have stumbled upon a good and kind doctor. All my hopes are up now.
God Bless you Sir.

Good to hear they help you with transportation.

Have a good day/night there @cryptopie

Yes @markush
The ambulance is free at toll fees too on the the highway so I am happy.


Say hi to the pretty nurses for me! Go get them, buddy!

I can only look at them @darthnava ha ha

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Ha ha we seem to have all the options for getting a girl for a price and I know that.
It is just getting the woman of my dreams is the least of my worries right now.
My priority is just to fix myself up on how far I can do it with the help of #steemit community.
Paying back my parents is on the list God help me.

Thank you @ackza for all your support I do appreciate it all God Bless you.

we will all help you pay back your parents, dont worry, i am sure they are already very proud of the money youve been making here on steemit and are probably very very happy about you having found a way to actually make good money online from your computer!

Yes we are very grateful and thankful for steemit as it saves us from our burdens especially for my medical needs. @ackza
Thank you again

I will be thinking of you and your glorious mother. It's great the government is helping. wishing you a good trip. Cheers.

Thank you @trixi88
Mother is very important for me at this point.
Our local government indeed is helping alot.

aww that is great news @cryptopie!

That doctor of yours is a true blessing. and I'm so glad the local government can provide you with this service - It really does make me happy to hear this. You have been on my mind lately <3

Thank you for your support @bearone
Yes my doctor just helps me.
I am her special case because of my rare and difficult condition.

Im glad you have her. She's a gem ❤

Stay strong, keep the faith! God bless you!

I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being,

Ephesians 3:16

The scriptures is right. We just have to keep our inner being stronger.

Wow wow wow! :D

Yes @weirdheadaches
I only have to worry about my backpain along the road.

Have faith @cryptopie. You'll get better soon.

Thank you @smafey for your support.
God bless you.

I will continuously pray for your healing. We love you.

Thank you @gailbelga
God Bless you.

You are welcome. God bless you more and more each day dear.

Hrllo @cryptopie
I am happy that you have a very kind doctor out there and most of all the free driver and ambulance. They supported you so much, that is a nice news to hear comming from you. Pls update more about your situation I am following you right now.

Good news lately @jaderpogi
I hope that it continues for my health.

Upvoted & RESTEEMED! :)

Thank you sir for your support @opc

God will perfect everything concerning your health.

I thank God for all of he is doing for me @dayjee
Thank you for your support.

Get better soon... you're steemit family loved you!

There are a lot of loving people here at steemit @cloudspyder
I am thankful for all of you.

Great post! It's important that you've got an ambulance service and it's great that your mother tried to do her best to change the life of everyone in your village :) I wish you good luck!

Yes the ambulance is a great help for me @theywillkillyou
Thank you.

So happy for you @cryptopie! Things are looking up and it's going to get even better from now on!

Bless her heart, your kind doctor is heaven sent :)

Thank you @szuri
I hope things will improve soon.
My doctor is very very kind.

Why you get the hospita. Nice post

God bless you too @cryptopie
I pray the Good Lord we serve will grant you a quick healing. Silver & gold i Have not but what i Have i share as such supporting you with .y upvote & prayers...

goodluck dear

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Thank you for your support @ipkiss

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