My last 21 posts were worth together < 2$

in steemit •  2 years ago

This post is not about money but bringing value to the platform.

It seems my efforts were wasted and nobody is interested in reading my posts.

I am switching off my appearance here for at least a week. I must take a step back for a while.


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STEEMIT was never going to be an accelerated road to riches but more of a steady-as-you-go journey. I have learnt a lot about how STEEMIT fluctuates and how it can be frustrating when your post that takes hours to prepare and write let alone years of knowledge behind it and mountains of value is rewarded by 1 cent when a picture of a burger listed under photography gets $100..!! Eventually this will turn. Keep it up is my advice and accept that any money earned is a bonus in the first 2-3 years..!! Stephen


There was a post about a week ago on how to separate plastic bags. It made like $37.


Haha haha too funny. I posted one, it took about 3 hours to put together, mountains of value, got +30 votes and closed at $0.00.!! Stephen

Thank you for posting. It is always a good idea to step back from time to time and asess the situation. Principle...We have to know where we might be wrong before we can possibly discover where we might be right. @stephenkendal has the right idea. Steemit is for long haulers and for flash in the pan types however it is the long haulers who will gain the most. Steemit or something very like it, is the future as long as man seeks freedom. We have one bell curve going down and one coming up and both are wobbly. We are in for a bumpy ride no matter what we do. All the best.

Hey at least yours are worth something. What I think is my best post and the one I spent the most time on garnered 2 upvotes. To be fair, I tend to shit post.

Thanks @stephenkendal, @wilmaballsdrop and @bluejay for your comments. I made my mind and decided to spent some effort on golos blockchain. I see that it currently has a great potential, the same that steemit had a few months ago. The worst that I may bring out of it is that I will learn Russian. Perhaps I will now have a chance to appear there as a witness. I applied already: . I would be grateful for any votes to 'kiwi' witness at . If you missed it we can all log in there with our STEEMIT accounts since yesterday. I will also stay here in a stealth mode for a while. Take care!

I just found you and really like your posts. Following and upvote! I wish I could tell you my vote was worth more $


Thanks! I will post something nice and different today ;-)