Steemit is just over flowing with the nicest folks...

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It amazes me how awesome this platform is, Steemit is litterally CHANGING LIVES. But the generosity Ive seen in a few instances, Is just beyond the normal. The first time i saw an outrageous act of kindness here on steemit was brookdemar.
This man went from living on the streets to having a place to call his own because of steemit.

Then more recently a long time steemian got some bad news about his health. And was donated and upvoted a massive life saving sum. @papa-pepper donated 1000 steem, which is absolutely amazing.

Then 3 days ago, I stumbled upon the retovenezuela tag here on steemit, noticed it wasn't doing so well. So I wrote a post about it not doing well and told everyone we need to show them some love.
A few larger fish decided to take up the cause and oh boy did they! Most notably @thejohalfiles who added nearly 100$ to every post and @canadian-coconut for adding alot as well.

Also lastly, A shoutout to @transisto for upvoting a great portion of my advertising campaigns allowing me to get ads on coinmarketcap
Steemit has to be one of the most amazing things ever. Im just sitting here thankful to be a part of such an amazing project.

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I spend time on Steemit every day and am constantly amazed by what I find.


Seriously, I try to picture this place in 10 years.... Ima follow you. I like your style.

Dont forget about Me and my Steemit Afrika Korp of @tj4real @xpency @ortigas100 @mcsamm @othnial and our great benefactor (who i notcied you mentioned) the incredible amazing God like @thejohasfiles (Who i am convinced may be an AI created to save humaity) , who together with all the whales who believed us, and my sharing and resteeming and using my account as a jumping off point megaphone, we got them THOUSANDS of dollars, basically 4 of them got over $1000 each on one of their posts, with @xpency getting over $2200 off one post about showing steemit to africans, I feel my duty as an American is to help the developing world if I can and this proves that i was iinthe right place at the right time to effect positive change using crypto currency to fulfill thee fouders dreams, and now it would be immoral of me to focus on anything else! I f I could help these guys get thousands of dollars iin a few days from a few weeks of hard ork posting everyday commenting almost eery hour theni know I can make some amazing things hapen on this platform and give africa a head start!
FIrst i helped @tj4real by sending him like twenty five bucks in steem tio pay his internet bill and i thought if i could help these guys pay for inteernet, it would be agreat story, and so because @tj4real showed such motvation when i sent him money, an because i was getting my first sixty dollar payouts i shared with him a third of it or $20 an realized my story ABOUT this sharing of mine made me MORE than $20 and i could creeate a money giving cycle loop of SUSTAINABLE sharing! I told @xpency (nigeria) and @tj4real (ghana) that I would pay them $1 for every new steemiit user they could get to joinsteemit AND i would send an extra $1 for them to Give to that person they signed up (once they saw they were actually using the platform, but honestly most people will! who would just signup for the $1 annver use steemit when they could make many more dollars posting or commenting?

ANYWAY I then startedpromoting their stories an organizing a STEEMIT AFRICA or team Africa steemit and @tj4real did this post about getting africans on steemit showing photos of many people all onone page like six people! and tgen @xpency one uped him and showed evidence of him at a school lecture of 200 people where he got to speak ad told everone about steemit and got to show off how much money he made showing alll these Nigerians his recent blog posts on his phone and the money he makes off this social media website

This is @xpency showing the nigerian students, he is going to be a real steemit baller, traveling from state to state getting all of nigeria on steemit
u could SEE the excitement in peoples eyes!
That is the post! Please go support all of these African Steemit users! Africa needs steemit the most outt of anywhere on Earth and steemit should work hand in hand with free wifi! imagine offering free wifi and a smartphone and solar powered battery brick as a signup offer and allow steemit users to pay it off like a loan....over any period of time they choose, and a poor african will have No problem paying off a company that believes inthem enough too LOAN them a smartphone, solar battery brick, and a month or two of free internet service over 2g/3g/4g or some paid wifi, or the goal in the end is free wifi for all of africa, and if it works in Africa it can work in india and every developing nation! The 3rd world will become First in Cyberspace, this is a head start ffor the worlds poor, we all have the money to pay for all 8800 million humans smartphones and internet, the food is less important which is insane but profoundly true in today's electronically dominant world, the smartphone will pay for the food, a human can live for a week or move without food, in that week that human could use just a few hand and thumb movements to post an article on steemit about how they are starving to death, post photos of their bodies, and this may be the solution to global hunger and we will be kicking ourselves for not thinking of this sooner its scarey to think of all the people who are dying right now needlessly,

if they just had a smartphone, to photograph their skiny undernourished bodies, and postthem on steemit, people would send them steem and they would be able to buy food! And they would be able to send for help and Steemit Aid Drone could send a drone with some liquid protein type shake, because people who are under nourished cannot eat solid foods, and if we could just send drones out to people who are starving, who have the smarrtphones to cal for help NOONE would starve! EVEB IF IT DRAINED THE REWARDS POOL NONE of us would allow another human being to go hungry even if all the millionaires on steemiit had to give up 90 percent of their steem to send money to all the 800 million chronically undernourished humans on earth, they would! I know that thus will work, and stunts like that will make steemit grow larger than facebook! Steemit, a SOCIAL NETWORK, is saving and Will continue to SAVE LIVES and when you save someones life, you can be damned sure they will stay loyal to your social network! Steemit will have LIFELONG members who will make sure ALL of their children are also on steemit!
All in the last 2 days! But wait, theres more! More good news so much its hard work remembering an compiling all of this but very fun and rewarding on so many levels! Steemit is a rush and I fear someone will try to stop me because i am helping too many people too fast! haha just paranoid!
and so i made Operation Upgrade Africa to show this recent success off and how 2 of them are at #1 and #2 spot of http:/ AND @xpency is on front page like number Five on one of the LARGEST steemit categories!


I wish I had more voting power for this post. Its amazing how nice johal is.

I just joined a couple of days ago and totally agree with you. Everyone I have interacted with so far has been very positive and kind.


Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay :)

this is an amazing place

Upvoted and followed, its energy like yours that I want to emulate and see expand into the Steemiverse


I appreciate your kind words!

Steemit is the future of social networks. Within two months it will reach 1 000 000 users and that number will be multiplied till the end of year. And that's great :)


i hope you become a steemit whale just so your username makes sense! But can I suggest one thing to help you that i noticed immediately that will definitely hurt your chances of growing Your lack of profile pic screams out "I dont care about steemit" wether u want to send that message or not, iits being sent by ur lack of a profle pic, so please consider getting on, because my own selfish need to see your username as one of the top whales, just to have alaugh at ur name, GodFish, propells me to see you succed and get to become a whale (which is a pacckage that ccomees with a quarter of a million dollar at least, an d a network of business contacts for life , and the power to change the lives hundreds of people a day


whale is not a fish, though :)


I like your style, followed ackza

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I super definitely agree. Steemit has one of the nicest communities I have ever seen. The lack of personal attacks here compared to other social media platforms is amazing. I am spending more and more time here compared to my other social media accounts. :)

I'm not usually very sappy but the whole Steemit community amazes me! I am SO proud and happy to be a part of it.

yeah i love steemit!
everyone is so nice and supportive!
great post, upvote + resteem

I came here expecting to find money... but the community is worth much more. I thank God for steemit everyday

It is really amazing what the community is capable of!

It really is cool how just adding the possibility of a couple bucks to upvotes restrains the inner troll.

I can't wait until Steemit becomes more equitable, so it's true power to promote reasonable discourse and the myriad things that can improve come to the fore.

It's still in beta!

Steemit is making a difference in many peoples lives. 6 months ago my girlfriend of 4 years died and now I have something beautiful that I can focus on. New friends, new experiences and a new beginning. Thank you Steeemit. SOMEONE NEEDS TO WRITE A SONG OR JINGLE ABOUT STEEMIT. IT COULD BE A GREAT MARKETING TOOL!!!!!


u should just post more pics like instagram! u will make so much money here, u gotta keep postin and postin and postin and postin , u are cute enough to make it really big here, huge market for cute girls here big big market


Thank you for the compliment :) yeah i love taking photos of anything so I will be posting many photographs!

The community here is awesome. So friendly and supportive. I am so glad I can be a part of it in some small way!

i believe in this website and it's folk i hope it gets better and better

Everyone has problems, it's how you deal with them that matters. Working together we can achieve so much.

Steemit is so amazing and everyone here has been wonderful!


please make more of these there are a bunch of sites that let u make automatic 3d visual effectys i will pay for a $20 visual effect piece we can use as a GIF if its super custom and legit

I am stoked to be apart of this thing. I just hope my $0.03 up vote makes a difference. LOL

After all world is not filled with bad people only.

Steemit is constantly showing me that there is still faith in humanity. Very awesome people. Steem on <3

Steemit has accomplished so much in a short time! When I started learning cryptocurrencies the dogecoin community was a lot like this community. :)

Love it here! :D

Simply amazing.

I've only been here a bit over a week, but I am so amazed and humbled by how supportive and encouraging this community is. I am a member of various social media platforms, but I have never been PROUD to be a part of them. I am proud to be a steemian! I can't even call it a community. Seriously, this is a FAMILY. :)

Pretty cool...these are the stories we need to get out into the "mainstream media" so people can see how awesome steemit is.

Great to see there's so much Community here on Steem. I know I have been able to freely share a lot of my emotions and thoughts on here, which is something I probably wouldn't do elsewherem I love the community. It's really helped me to take a load off emotionally over the last few weeks even if no one's really reading my post it's out there

This is amazing @cryptohustlin steemit is the Best! Resteemed :)


do you live in san pedro by chance?


Hi, na about an hour north of Sydney, Australia :)

Wow! This is encouraging!

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You can take a little credit for that. You do a lot for the people here :-D

I think this is basically what human nature looks like. Once we have our security and well being out of the way and the fear out of our system, we just want to help others.

I'm glad to be apart of Steemit, to see that positivity, knowledge, and most importantly love is embraced with passion. To change lives and help each other grow. I appreciate what everyone is doing here thank you.
Peace, Love and Light

STEEMIT isn't polluted (yet) by mainstream egocentrics selfie posers. We all share the common interest in cryptos, which means detachment from consumerism, corruption, competition and greater peer-to-peer community.

I spend most of the day on steemit and enjoying it as my weekly earnings now are almost $600 per week