Why Does Steemit Not Have An Official iOS/Android App

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It seems that mobile phone use has only increased in the last few years. I am wondering why there is no official app for steemit on iOS or Android. These seem to be the most popular mobile devices. I know personally I check steemit on my mobile devices alot. The case is likely the same for many others.


Is it possible to reach out to the Steemit devs to put this into a suggestion? I could foresee us having something similar to the facebook or reddit mobile apps.

Personally I think having steemit and d.tube on the app store would increase adoption in the long run. Almost every single other big social media platform out there has mobile apps to companion their website.

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I guess it comes down to the fact nobody has put in the effort. The API is there, heck you can embed a browser.

Like most projects of this kind, it takes someone to lead :)

Very true. I wonder why the steemit developers have not made a native app. I think this would be such a game changer for steemit. Most people who do social media these days its on their mobile. Look at instagram, most people post their content from their phones.

Also its hard to trust a non official app compared to one made by the steemit devs them self. There are tons of third party facebook browser apps but most people just use the official app.

Yeah I can understand them thinking people would not want to write from their phones, but reading and commenting, and as you say Dtube, natural place to do so would be mobile

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