Steemit Is So Much More Than Just A Method For Individuals To Get Paid For Blogging, The Philosophy Behind The Steemit Platform Could Truly Revolutionize The Way Individuals Use The Internet.

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Steemit proves that a platform where individuals have access to the value that they generate is possible, and it may start a domino effect of users looking for platforms that have their best interests in mind. 

If we look at some of the most popular online platforms that currently exist, it's evident that most of the platforms are nothing more than simply centralized services that absorb the value that their users generate for them. Users who are active on the Facebook platform are literally the reason that Facebook is able to make so much money, and no one seems to question where all of their revenue comes from. The users of the platform create all of the value that the platform has, and without the users the platform would legitimately be useless. The concept of 'Don't post for free' is so powerful, because the true adoption will likely take place once individuals flock to the Steemit platform for the reason that they fundamentally agree with what it stands for rather than just a method of making some quick cash. Individuals stumble across the Steemit platform in many different ways, and I believe that regardless of how a user finds the platform they have the chance to realize the true potential of the platform. 

Once the idea of giving the power to individuals to have control and ownership of the value they create takes off and is accepted, I think that the blogging aspect of Steemit will be just the beginning. As more users, interest, and investment come to the Steemit platform, developers and users will have more resources to spend on 'DApps' for the platform that could drastically increase the number of practical use cases on Steemit. Imagine a Steemit music streaming service that had the artists interests in mind, and allowed the artist to have total control over the distribution of their music and allowed them to have direct access to the value that their content creates. While Steemit was built on an application specific blockchain, with the potential integration with the EOS platform and the flexibility of the Steemit platform itself it's easy to imagine Steemit being the home of much more than just blogging in the future. 

The Steemit platform is truly revolutionary for many different reasons, and users shouldn't loose sight of that. We are still at the very beginning stages of the Steemit platform, and our actions now will have a lasting impact into the future. I think that the reason that Steemit isn't an even bigger platform already is due to the fact that people simply don't know about it or what it is, especially those individuals who are already involved in the cryptocurrency community. It's not hard to imagine that Steem could still attract many more people within the cryptocurrency community to the site, but the problem lies with introducing these individuals to the platform. Many new users really don't learn to much about what they are doing in terms of investing and trading when they first start out, and Steemit could be an absolutely great resource for them. 

Once 'the switch flips' and users actually realize that they are earning legitimate resources rather than 'internet money', the potential for adoption becomes even larger. 

When I first introduce my friends of family to the Steemit platform, the first thing they ask is something to the extent of "What does the money value attached to the post actually mean?" or something along those lines. Giving an accurate description of the 50/50 split between liquid rewards and SP usually confuses them on the first explanation, and I have noticed that it takes significant explanation for most individuals new to cryptocurrency to really comprehend how it all works. While it is beneficial to understand how and why  the platform actually works, understanding how the platform works is in no way required to have meaningful interaction with the Steemit platform. If an individual dives right in to posting before they fully understand how it all works, they will have the ability to learn first hand very quickly. Many people still have absolutely no substantive understanding of cryptocurrencies, which is the core reason that I believe that Steemit has yet to be completely adopted by the mainstream. 

I have never felt so confident in the future of the Steemit platform compared to how I currently feel, and it really is something special to know that each and every one of us played a direct role in that. Steemit has a place for everyone, and with the establishment of more defined communities in the near future the platform is likely to become even more diverse. New users may be turned off when they look at the trending page and see posts about cryptocurrency that they can't understand, but I believe that the development of communities will have a very positive impact on Steemit's ability to turn users who stumble across the site into users of the platform. Steemit is more prevalent through search engines and organic traffic than ever before, and that is clear when we look at the rapid influx of new users to the platform. 

Not only does Steemit have a great idea and philosophy, but it also have the technical ability to make the platform a reality. 

I'm not saying that the platform isn't a reality now obviously, but simply that the Steemit platform and the underlying Graphene based blockchain on which it was built have an easier and more practical method of handling the level of activity that accompanies mainstream adoption. Due to the fact that Steemit witnesses are elected through a DPOS (delegated proof of stake) model, single producers cannot halt the advancement and development of the network like we have seen on other networks. The power ultimately lies with the users and stakeholders of the platform, and I think that the linear changes that accompanied HF 19 really made that evident. All users are entitled to the exact same amount of influence compared to the stake they hold, and this allows for users both big and small to have the same rights in terms of what their stake actually entitles them to. Steemit is literally the definition of giving the power to the people, and I believe that the platform's recognition of the value its users create is not something to be taken lightly. 

In terms of using Steem as a store of value or a method of transferring value, the lack of transaction fees combined with the speed and reliability of transactions gives the network huge advantages over current projects that wish to offer a method of transferring value. Steemit really seems to have the unique ability to make individuals really passionate about the platform and the underlying technology, which is a very powerful thing in and of itself as well. What the future of Steemit holds remains a mystery, but everything leads me to believe that it will be more powerful than many of us realize. The Steemit platform stands for something bigger than any of us, and the adoption of the platform could really cause a domino effect that would enable individuals to gain more control, ownership, and power over the value and quality that they create.

I really hope that you enjoyed this post, and I urge you to leave any comments, input, questions, ect. in the comments below! I would like to thank all of my readers and followers for their ongoing support, and thanks for reading!

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We are in the beginning of an amazing era of new social media boom. Will be very interesting to see this platform in couple of years when adoption kicks in. I am very bullish on STEEM.

It is very exciting to imagine indeed. Steem and other Graphene based blockchains are showing serious indications that they may prove to be the first projects to achieve adoption.

I think the blockchain will go mainstream and many many projects will boom, skyrocketing its markets making a revolution with the people´s power . gogogo"

Great read btw @cryptofreedom :D

We will witness a revolution :)

Only the begining! Full steem on!

hi please follow me right now i'm following you bro.

There will be some ups, downs and corrections. But overall, this is revolutionary and has a very bright future!

Totally agreed, original content and an engageing comment section, STEEM ON.

Usually what happens if something gets big is that it is taken over by google or amazon. Note quite sure what will happen with steemit if one of the big monopoly players gets annoyed. Wouldnt be so confident, but for the moment, its just great.

I was actually thinking in the same line.....

Big players are definitely going to take an interest in Steem if they are going for ethereum/bitcoin and putting it on the news. Big economic crash will further hasten adoption. People at my job are even talking about crypto (I work at Amazon by the way lol).

I was just thinking that. The behemoths (Google, Amazon, etc.), do what they can to line their own pockets. I don't even want to start with FB. I don't think Google as much as Amazon, but Steemit definitely changes the game. I just hope it stays strong and grows way beyond what it is now. Exciting times.

hi please follow me right now i'm following you.

Inspiring post, indeed )

Vive la Stimification!!!

Well i just watched The Great Steemit Debate by Tone Vays vs. Jeff Berwick "Ponzi Scheme or Paradigm Shift?"

I have faith in steemit but

What you think about this @cryptofreedom

here is the link to the video

I only watched a few minutes, but this video is from when Steemit was very young. Steem power give s individuals stake over the platform, and therefore they it has value. It may seem hard to wrap your head around, but I fundamentally believe that Steemit will continue to increase its use cases and abilities, which will make the influence even more important.

I have been trying to teach my friends about Steemit, but it is hard enough teaching them the concept of Bitcoin and Blockchain. Eventually they will....

Yes, you see the potential. I like the idea of getting the youth off the streets and inspiring them to do something for themselves and others. Everybody has something to contribute if they use their noggin.

Great content and info. Got motivated again on Steemit potential for greatness. Just wonderful to be on ground floor. Let's all go for it. Steem Power , all the way . Go Steemit.

It is going to revolutionize all the aspects of our time spent on the internet. And not just the internet. This project is in the fetus phase. Such a brilliant future is upon Steemit and Steem currency.

If this means that time spent on the Internet will go from sharing cat videos to to sharing ideas and helping each other, much will be won.

Still waiting for an explanation for why Steemit needs to be on blockchain? The whole link to crypto-currency seems extraneous. I like the main mission - authors get some benefits from their blogging activity, all the value created by contributors does not go to the central authority.

But that could all be done without blockchain.



The reason that Steemit is great is not because people are making money, it is because of the reward system.

The reward system allows for people to make money, yes, but there is more to it than that.

Reward systems are going to be very common in the future. We are nearing a jobless society in which any job you can think of will be replaced by technology.

This is a social media platform which rewards users quality content and you are also rewarded for presenting the best version of yourself.

No other social media platform is like this. People are much kinder on Steemit because of the reward system. Repetition programs the mind. Steemits reward system is literally creating better people. You are rewarded for being a good person, not for being negative. Or, I should say that the rewards are greater for being on your best behavior.

You aren't going to be rewarded for being mean to people here.

Steemit is cleaning up the hate! =)

good answer i m total agree with your opinion

That's a great post. I have only been here for a few days. What I noticed is the friendly atmosphere here and so many well thought out posts, articles, and replies. I agree Steemit is cleaning out the hate and bringing on the love.

Excellent post and I'm also very excited being part of this amazing community.

Have you heard of being developed by @thisisbenbrick? It is a platform like you imagined in this post and gives the value back to the musical artist as you described. Can't wait to see it.

Haven't heard of it, but I'm definitely going to check it out. I really think that Steemit and its rewards model could be beyond beneficial for artists within the music industry. Thanks for letting me know!

The music community is thriving on Steemit. That's why I do Steemit Open Mic each week. To help musicians and it is SO rewarding to see the community branching off into new directions.

Your post really resonated with me as do most of your posts and I share your excitement.


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