How to OutSmart Cheetah!

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Good Morning/Evening Steemians,

For those of you who don't know about Cheetah, it's a bot that looks for Plagiarism in people's posts.

So what exactly is plagiarism:

This is what comes up when you google it.

Since my headline caught your attention, I just want to say that I'm in no way encouraging you to copy other people's work. And I'm against plagiarism of all sorts. and I strongly believe that one should try to be as original as possible. But sometimes when we're out of words or too exhausted to type, we tend to just copy and paste things. That's where Cheetah catches people. When you copy a line or the whole paragraph and paste it at another spot, you're also bringing with that line, some aspects or hidden codes of the original post. And those hidden codes help Cheetah find the original post and then it flags your post .

A lot of people take inspiration from other people's work, and I think there's nothing wrong with it. But we should try and type it in our own words. But if you've run out of words and you want to write a line or a para exactly the same as in the original post, try and type it in. Do not copy and paste using your mouse or through your keyboard ( Ctrl + C & Ctrl + V) as that'll 100% catch the attention of Cheetah and you'll find something similar to the one below in the comment section of your post:

Now some people could argue that it doesn't matter if you link the original post as a Source at the bottom. But I think it still matters, as when I find an article that's interesting on Steemit and decide to upvote it but when scrolling down see that it's been marked by Cheetah, I just move on without upvoting it. So yeah plenty of people think the same and don't upvote on posts that've been marked by Cheetah.

So act smart and outsmart Cheetah by typing anything that you've seen on the original post instead of being lazy and deciding to copy and paste. Plus you won't get too many chances after Cheetah starts to tag your posts as you'll then be flagged for being a plagiarist. And if you're planning to take inspiration from a post, don't try and type the whole post by typing exactly word by word, try to type it in your own words for the most part and you'll be forgiven if you're just using a line or a small para as it is from the original work.

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I agree with you about that. Thanks a lot for your information. So we can learn more to write our own word a story.


You are welcome. Glad to read your writing.

The last time I got flagged by Cheetah, I posted a source link....and Cheetah posted a link to the exact same article posted some where else. So I guess my source had stolen the info? Anyhow, I've started re-writing a paragraph or less and posting a source link. I'll see what that does.


Do whatever but don't copy and paste. Otherwise Cheetah will catch you @myroadtours.


I don't plagiarize anything and I only post a small portion of the original article if that and always with a source. I've seen people post the entire article...including advertisements and blog comments. Heck, in the beginning, Cheetah would flag my post for posting my own originally created content lol Saying I needed a source link lol I guess Cheetah has evolved some since then. Cheetah needs to start working on photographs. I can't count how many people there are on here posting other people's photography photos without source links or credit!

Using the block quote seems to help too if you copy paste. I've never been flagged for quoting others, just for copy pasting from my other blog 😂


Haha, Good to know @ryivhnn!

Scholars attribute the origin of concept of the alphabet to a little known Proto-Sinatic, Semitic form of writing developed in Egypt between 1800 and 1900 BC. Building on this ancient foundation, the first widely used alphabet was developed by the Phoenicians about seven hundred years later.

YOU did not do that
What gives you the right to copy the work of someone else?
(by the way...I'm being sarcastic. But the point is made)


With all due respect @everittdmickey, I think you've missed the part where I've mentioned that we need to be as original as possible. But we can take inspiration from other people's work. And I've also mentioned that I'm against plagiarism of any kind.


Haha, Thank you so much @everittdmickey! You scared me just then, I really thought you've been offended. LOL! Much appreciate your upvote!


I (belatedly) realized that.
which is why I posted the addentum.
sorry for the shock


Haha, No Worries. Thanks mate!

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If you want to copy something, then copy it but be HONEST about it.

Say "Hey, I copied this because it seemed really relevant, and it expressed how I feel about ____ and what do you think?"

And then add a link back to the source. Better yet, just copy the first two paragraphs and say "for more information, read here (link)."

I've had about three cheetah comments, and they all pointed to my own blogs/web sites elsewhere. And that's how I responded to cheetah.

When you copy a line or the whole paragraph and paste it at another spot, you're also bringing with that line, some aspects or hidden codes of the original post.

Nope, not the case. Cheetah just catches the fact that the content of your post is duplicated elsewhere on the internet. If you've copied something with tags and meta data, you can always paste it in notepad and then copy it from there and it would just clean text since notepad doesn't preserve anything else but the visible text. But that's not going to help you with Cheetah at all.

I personally think Cheetah is extremely annoying when people are reposting their own content that they have used somewhere else (like their own blog) but besides that caveat, is pretty useful in seeing people that are stealing other people's work and passing it off as their own as those don't deserve our upvotes.