Three Factors That Will Guarantee Your Success – Part 3 Live in the Present Moment

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Most people strive for success in life, but how do you actually achieve it? After five years in law school, I have discovered three things everyone can do in order to achieve success.


This is the third and last part in my success series.

The objective of the posts is to help you all become successful and achieve your goals and dreams. If I can play a little role in helping you along the way, well then it has been well worth writing the posts.

In part one and two I covered networking and how to work smart and hard. This last part will cover an often-overlooked aspect on the road to success, namely that you should live in the present moment.

Being mindful

We are often busy thinking about the past or worrying about tomorrow. The past is gone and the future is yet to come, so stop what you are doing and live in the present moment and make the most of it.

What kind of life do you want to live?

Do you want an amazing and abundant life?

Then you should start being mindful and live in the present moment.

Everyone can be mindful, and it only takes a couple of minutes a day to be effective.

When I’m practicing mindfulness I try to do it through meditation.

Here’s an easy how-to.

  • Stop what you are doing
  • Try to clear your mind from any thoughts
  • Sit upright (you can cross your legs if you want, the important part is to have a straight back)
  • Close your eyes
  • Breathe in for about 5 seconds
  • Hold your breath for about 3 seconds
  • Breathe out for about 5 seconds
  • Hold your breath for about 3 seconds
  • Repeat

Be careful if you have a medical condition and consult your MD if you have any doubts or issues.

Be consistent

If you consistently do this routine on a daily basis (or a similar one), I bet you will start seeing positive changes to your life.

  • You will start living in the present
  • You will emphasize the positive aspects in life
  • You will have a great connection to the world around you
  • You will discover what motivates you and what your true dreams are
  • You will become more successful

All this from closing my eyes and breathing in a funny way?

Yes, it’s as simple as that actually.
It’s all within you to discover for yourself.

Just trust me and try it out, you won’t regret it.

Sharpen your axe

I would like to finish of this series with a little story about a very busy woodcutter.

A very strong man was hired as a woodcutter in a timber merchant.

The woodcutter was determined to do well and told his new boss that he would be the best woodcutter that ever lived.

The first day the woodcutter felled 10 trees and brought them to the timber merchant.

The previous record was 8 so the boss was very impressed.

Feeling optimistic the woodcutter went to work the following day. But by the end of the day he had only managed to fell 6 trees.

On the third day the woodcutter worked harder than he ever did before. But he only managed to fell 2 trees and it bothered him that he was doing worse and worse for each day.

The woodcutter went to his boss to apologize for his poor results and to ask for advice.

The boss acknowledge that the woodcutter was strong and had worked hard, and he asked the woodcutter when was the last time he had sharpened his axe?

The woodcutter answered that he had been to busy cutting trees so he hadn’t sharpened the axe since the first day.

People are so busy in their daily lives that they often forget to relax and sharpen their axes. They don’t reach their full potential and more important, they forget to have fun.

This concludes the series I hope you found it useful.
Your comments are much appreciated and feel free to ask any questions.

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That post was an experience for me to read.


Thanks @surfyogi, I'm glad you liked it :)

upvoted! I heard it many time about sharpening the axe but this thing is something... resteeming it


Thank you my good friend, I guess it's a good reminder then :)

you know your post is deserve to be upvoted, and i am alsoo going to resteem it


That's great!
Thanks @jimmyrai28 it means a lot to me :)

Great advice for the people here on Steemit that are obsessed with upvotes and money. Live in the moment and enjoy the now. Thank you for this reminder.


Agreed, and money isn't all that important when you really think about it :)



This is so true and I hope everyone can follow these 3 principles.
I'll be sure to try out the meditation exercise if I get stressed or flustered.


Good idea @arckrai :)

Yes thank you! Consistency is key in basically everything when on the road to success!


BTW that's a really cool name you have @awakealiveaware :)

I love the woodcutter story, thanks for sharing!
I should definately practice being more mindful <3


Thank you @artwithflo
It's difficult to always be mindful, we are not perfect, so the main thing is our good intentions and willingness to better ourselves and the world :)


Yeah, I guess you are right :)

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wow, i like it


Thanks :)

I agree this post, some cool infos to read!
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Thank you :)

I totally agree with the fact that we should live the moment, which means living in the present and concentrating in it !


We live and we learn, perhaps one day we will perfect this art :)

Absolutely true, only living in the present moment is enough.


I'm glad you see it the same way @rocksg :)

great photography i appreciate


Thank you @swtcamito, you are most kind :)

You are correct. We need to relax every now and then. I keep forgetting this, been too uptight lately. Upvoted!


Thank you for your vote and for dropping by @galactic123 :)

A nice article.

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Thank you


Thanks :)

100% agreed. We need to live in the present, do not regret the yesterdays nor worry about the tomorrows


Thanks for dropping by :)

you are absoultely right but sometimes circumstances become so challenging that it becomes difficult to focus and clear the mind from all the negativity


That's the first step, seeing the challenge :)