You can buy real twitter followers with Steem

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Most of us know social media is a hugely important element of online marketing when it comes to building a consumer base, brand recognition, rankings, and search engine. As an influential player, Twitter is one of the most important, also popular social media networks visited by users around the earth.


But achieving a high number of followers is a milestone goal of many Twitter users. Making those followers is not constantly easy though, which leads some fresh businesses to wander down the shady path towards the ominous fortress black-hat, wherein lies the mysterious tactic of buying Twitter followers.

With Steem, you can obtain multitudes of your own mindless Twitter drones!!!

Purposes Why You Should Buy Twitter Followers
It Makes You Look Like a Boss = A Big Twitter Followers makes you appear very important
For example clubs hiring comedians and venues hosting bands, a high Twitter followers can easily put you before your competition.


Those who give themselves a pat on the back when their latest Instagram post gets 13 likes must surely be tempted with the idea of buying more Twitter followers.

The large Twitter followers shows possibility and promise not just of a good show, but of bringing in more followers and fans to see the show, and therefore bringing in more money.
It is very easy to buy followers on Twitter than earn them. Getting real Twitter followers takes time including effort, you are required to consistently share magnificent content, posting hilariously humorous comments, or broadcasting the most current news.


You could put in all that effort or you can use your Steem coin and buy an enormous army of Twitter followers.

Buying real Twitter Followers - Let's say fake does not float your boat, buying real Twitter followers is a better option, although it is not likely to be as cheap as buying fake followers, and this method is referred to as buying targeted Twitter followers.

Steem prices to get real twitter followers:

1000 real followers = 113.639 Steem
Twitter package for UK (100 Retweets + 200 likes + 25 comments) = 44.600 Steem
Twitter package for USA (100 Retweets + 200 likes + 25 comments) = 44.600 Steem
Twitter package for Arab (100 Retweets + 200 likes + 25 comments) = 44.600 Steem
Twitter package for Brazil(100 Retweets + 200 likes + 25 comments) = 44.600 Steem
1000 Twitter likes = 62.220 Steem
1000 Twitter likes (Nigeria and Ghana) = 248.400 Steem
1000 Twitter likes pro = 123.992 Steem
1000 Twitter Retweets (Nigeria and Ghana) = 433.950 Steem
1000 Twitter Retweets = 123.992 Steem
1000 Twitter Poll votes = 12.400 Steem
1000 Twitter Poll votes Pro = 31.000 Steem
1000 Twitter Poll votes Lite = 6.566 Steem
1000 Twitter Video views = 4.222 Steem
1000 Twitter Views ( Nigeria and Ghana) = 62.220
1000 Twitter Views = 6.576 Steem
1000 Twitter Impression = 5.434 Steem
1000 Twitter Impression Pro = 12.746
1000 Twitter Profile click = 5.100 Steem
1000 Twitter Hashtag click = 5.321 Steem
1000 Twitter link click = 5.672 Steem
1000 Twitter Live video Views =72.997 Steem
1000 Twitter Comments (USA) = 370.342 Steem
1000 Twiter Comments Pro (USA) = 495.294 Steem
1000 Twitter Comments (Arab) = 370.342 Steem
1000 Twitter Comments Pro (Arab) = 495.294
1000 Twitter Comments (Brazil) = 370.342 Steem
1000 Twitter Comment Pro (Brazil) = 495.294 Steem
1000 Twitter Tweets (USA) = 805.699 Steem

This are part of the services I render.
Please note that the prices might change depending on the cryptocurrency market.

So boost your business with Twitter

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If you need any of these services just transfer the amount and the twitter link to me.



I will really need your assistance on my Twitter

You can transfer the particular package steem to @cryptocheta with the Twitter web link

just set up a twitter account would want to buy followers please advise how to?

You can buy real followers and this can boost whatever business or personal things you want to do. I advice you go for a 1000 followers first, then get people to view and like your post. All you need to do is transfer 80.962 steem to @cryptocheta, then the link to your Twitter page.

would you be able to do 500 for 40steem
i want to check how it works as i have never used twitter before
@DaBookies is my handle i think lol
please check new account set up just now

Yes I will do 40.300 steem for 500

sent 40.3 steem 👍
if it works will buy some more later thank you

OK, the page link I need should be like this