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The sun stays bright at midnight in the polar regions. This phenomenon has a close relationship to the annual Earth cycle around the sun. During this cycle, the Earth's axis tilts to a 23.5 ° angle, thus the pole is tilted in the second part of the Earth. Summer, and vice versa occurs in the winter.
Because the axis of the earth is slanted, the sun does not go out completely in the polar circle in one day of the year, it is likely to be June 21, but it did not rise above the horizon on December 21, although we will see the atmosphere that day, The polar circle, the nights will last and the sun will remain bright in the summer, and the days that do not have the sunrise will last forever in the winter. In the poles, the day and night are equal, continue every six months.
Thanks for sharing this subject Alaska, a land of wonders.


Awesome stuff buddy Thank you for that. It really is a wonderland Id love to get over there at some point in life. Alaska and Madagascar. Its all about the asc/ka ;)