Shouts Out To @Ned Steemit Is Expanding; The Blockchain Won't Be The Same! Could The Crypto Social Media Giant Be Releasing A New Smart Token?

in #steemit2 years ago

@Ned made a huge announcement guys in regards to releasing a new smart token & you can read all about the juicy details in the whitepaper

It's about 50 pages long so it will take a little time to intake all of the information, but already I'm stoked as I believe it will add more value to @Steemit as well as allow monetization on a whole new level to those eager to becoming great at this content creating. For example if implemented the new smart token would enable anyone to launch their very own SMTs for their apps, websites etc. So imagine what this will do for the value of Bitcoin & Ethereum being as though the Steemit Blockchain is faster and much larger in size & speed.

What are your thoughts Steemians?
Do you see this adding value to the platform? I sure am glad we got in on this Steemit Train during the Beta stages Blessings N Prosperity Steem Family - @Cryptoblessings