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Hello everyone

Steem is at a low price still and we all should be looking to take advantage of the payouts where Steem is being dished out.This wasn't the case a few months ago and I was puzzled where everyone got their Steem from. Now I know and like most people am trying to harvest the fruits of my labour.

There are a number of ways to secure your accounts growth for the future. I was introduced to Steem Basic Income by @tbnfl4sun who generously donated a share. The beauty about this feature is that when you purchase one SBI for someone you nominate , you receive one as well. You will be placed in a pool and will receive one vote per day for life (that is the aim). Basically you are investing for the future, as these shares can only grow in value as they receive curation from all the upvotes. The other thing you have to do is vote for your pool SBI when it posts also increasing it's value. For me this is a smart way of adding value for the future.
The time and sacrifices you put in know will pay off later on when SMT's are introduced. We don't know how they will work but surely the higher value of your account and reputation won't harm you.The only ones that will miss out are the one's who only post and curate when Steem is high. I have noticed a few names disappear who were around a few months ago. I didn't realize that retention levels were only around 6 % on new accounts.

The other day I did a post about growth and I even underestimated the growth thinking that one doubles every 4 months or so. It now looks like it is every 2 months so will keep an eye on that. Hard work does pay off it seems as long as you are working as part of the community.

Keep powering up and move forward.


Thanks for the info. Looks interesting. Will give it a go

Hi @bobbylee. Thanks for the support with your votes and resteems. It is really appreciated and I am sending you an sbi now. Wish I could do more.

Thank you. I just sent you a sbi. can you confirm that you got it? as this is the first time i've done this and hope i did it correctly

Thank you. Now you have started something lol. It takes a couple of days to process. You will receive a message early in the week. You now have 2 as you get one as well when you buy one.

for example i put you down as cryptoandcoffee but should i name you like so @cryptoandcoffee?

Yes. You should have put down @cryptoandcoffee. Will keep an eye out and let you know. It may go through.

ok keep me updated please. Maybe i'll have to do it again. best to message me direct. Cheers

Thank you for this convo and I was enlightened again by steembasicincome. I have heard of this quite often. I just got back again writing here on steemit.

whoa @cryptoandcoffee! a 6% retention rate? holy smokes that's pitiful. Also, I didn't know that by purchasing a SBI for someone you also get one yourself. Then everyone should be doing that, how much are they?
thank you sir this was great, you might amount to something on steemit afterall! lol.

Hello @janton. 1 SBI is one Steem. I am not 100 percent sure how many I have at the moment but it is still in single figures. I am powering up with Steem and SBI's at the same time. There are 500 members in a pool and you are allowed 100 shares maximum. You can see the potential of growth with that many members.

thank you @cryptoandcoffee, and where do you get these things?

@steembasicincome. Just follow them and then you go to your wallet and transfer 1 steem to them with the recipients name and it is that easy. You will get an email stating you are now on board. It takes a few days as I got a message yesterday that it has all gone through. Already have a vote from them so all good.

do the people that you buy one for get notified also?

Yes if they are not members already. I am not sure but let whoever you buy one for know. That way they can reciprocate the favor at some point.

And +1 @steembasicincome for you too sir!

Hi Asher. Thank you . You are too kind but one coming back at you.

Good day @janton

I've added a @steembasicincome share to your account. Steem on!

thank you Sir! I'm going to do the same for some newer members. God bless you!

My pleasure! Great stuff!

S.B.I. with deep heat coming your way @cryptoandcoffee

Lol. Hi blanchy, leave the deep heat out of it. I like the smell of it but won't use it again hopefully.

Thanks blanchy. One coming your way tomorrow when I get a post payout. I have already received 2 votes from the sbi and it is fairly decent.

Thank's for the shout out,I like the funny picture of the guy running on the wheel.
I didn't realize that retention levels were only around 6 % on new accounts.
I know and wish people would try a little harder,your so right that sbi can help!

I read it somewhere yesterday. I think the SBI could help change that for some users. The ones that give up will most likely come back at some point but it won't get any easier.

. I noticed you've been very consistent lately, you're bound to achieve steem success

Thank you and a sbi coming your way.

You arw right, truly right, sbi shares is the best thing evrr to happen on steemit. But i dont understand this statement.

The other thing you have to do is vote for your pool SBI when it posts also increasing it's value.

How is that possible

I read that you have to upvote your pool when it does a post . This helps obviously if you have 500 members upvoting the post so it goes towards building the value of your shared account.

You don't have to upvote SBI posts. You can double the value you get for your shares by upvoting @steembasicincome posts (though this well be changed fairly soon) but it's not obligatory. The pools don't post.

(Here for another reason but might as well double as SBI support.)

Thanks @tcpolymath. That makes more sense now.

Also for doing this you will receive a bonus vote from your sbi pool each month.

Also for doing this you will receive a bonus vote from your sbi pool each month.

You got a 17.31% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @cryptoandcoffee!

Wow what an important and much needed information.

Bueno! te estare siguiendo para ver más publicaciones como esta te invito a pasar por mi blog y a seguirme:D