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Hello everyone

I didn't get much chance today to hop on Steemit and see what's new. Not that much changes but to catch up with my friends is something new.

I find it relaxing and enjoyable at the same time. On here I can escape into another world and leave everything behind. I have got to know a number of people on here now and what is good is they are genuine people. I would quite happily sit down with them and spend hours chatting with them.

What a lot of members on here don't understand that networking and getting to know people is all part of building your account. You need to learn what each individual is like and his sense of humor etc. My humor is a little bit out there but that is me and i am sure they are now getting used to it. Not everyone is the same and that is the fun part. Whatever I say and do is me and has no intentions of upsetting anyone. The ones that know me have already realized that and I am getting used to them at the same time. I love to joke and bring humor into my comments and maybe a bit of leg pulling to lighten the mood. There is a lot of serious issues being discussed on here as we are all involved and want to one day sit back and reap the rewards. We are a long way from that at the moment but could speed up as the platform grows and expands.

Do yourself a favor and get to know as many people as you can. Like minded people so it is not hard work and you can all grow together. Remember you spend an awful lot of time on here so enjoy it and help friends grow around you. If we all do that we can comfortably create a middle class on here in no time. At the moment the platform doesn't have that and the balance needs to be sorted.

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That's good practical advice, having a socially orientated mindset is more likely to result in a more organic following, and allows you to build a community around you and your content.

It seems like you're have a great day so enjoy!!


100 percent correct. You can't grow on your own. The more link minded people around you the better this place is.