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Under much discussion I have decided to re-release my original Crypto Scammer Series but without the NSFW tags and this time...


This series will cover some of the most nefarious crypto scammers I have come in to contact with during my time involved with e-currencies.

Many of their tactics are very dangerous, they use their wit and peoples FOMO (fear of missing out) against them.


I have gathered a lot of information on many of them... even some really juicy ones.

If this series gets a good response as it goes forward I may decide to do a special on those "high value targets" but for now I need my rep ;-)
regardless... they are all juicy.

Ari Maccabi


Mr. Maccabi is one of the most active and dangerous scammers and recruiters in the crypto world right now. A true "Ponzi Pimp".
Mr. Maccabi is heavily involved in multi-level-marketing and work from home online pyramid scheme companies.

There are reports that can be found online of him scamming people back in 2010. He was the "CEO' of a debt resolution company. (which the company had an affiliate program).

Ponzi Scheme definition as found on Wikipedia:

Pyramid Scheme definition as found on Wikipedia:

Hari has been involved in an abundance of Ponzi or MLM style companies. He claims that only 3 have been illegitimate...

The companies which I know of are:

-Traffic Monsoon

subtitles are a bitchii.JPG

Ari is so dangerous in my mind because he also has pushed many MLM style companies that are legitimate. He has gained "fans" because they have made money from his advice or "business opportunity". He uses words to mask his schemes by using terms such as "binary networks" or "matrix programs".

Oh no wait2.JPG

This makes them blinded by what is really happening due to the image he portrays to them.
When the ponzis he promotes go south he just cries victim and uses the old, " I lost a lot too. Let's be on each others teams and find another company that is just starting to get our money back."

Ari Maccabi near the top1.jpg

In reality yes he lost HIS money... but he took in all of yours, and your friends, and everyone else who joined under him. Now Ari is 2M richer and you are out 10K. Didn't he know the master distributors, and the owner in the beginning? ... hmmm.

GMA 98 Apr 17.jpg
This guy is sitting comfy on an island faking webinars for fake companies to sucker people in by believing that the company is "transparent". Little do these people know (because they don't do research) the people on video claiming to be the CEO's are not publicly listed anywhere with any kind of association with said company. Not only are these people not listed, most of the time the company isn't even listed.

subtitles are a bitch.JPG

I've found that many times if said company does have an address, when you look it up on google earth, you will find it is either A) not there, or B)... not near where it is actually registered.


Ari has done everything he can to salvage his online reputation. He usually attacks the people exposing him personally. This is what made me choose to blow my "cover" and start slamming him in the facebook groups I was in with him. I witnessed him, his wife, and some of his goons try to belittle a guy they had scammed that was speaking out.


I began flooding the chat with proof backing up the victims claims and I was immediately kicked from the group and blocked by Hari. That didn't stop his Troll squad though. It made me laugh quite frankly because they had no idea who I was or where I came from.


The best insult that they had for me was, "You a little man with little hands..". Yes... I am compared to your boy Hari... but I have an advantage he doesn't... I am on the other team and know all of his tricks... while you have no idea who I am or what I do.

My best advice to anyone new to crypto... don't get involved with any program the "guarantees" you a set percentage of pay out daily... no one can guarantee that in this type of market.


Secondly, if they know the "master distributor", "CEO", or invite you to a webinar... RUN.

Trade safely for you traders and to the investors... HODL!

"Hari Cockabi"
CryDick Illustration Provided by: @Kryptik


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Thank you for reading and all of your support!

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