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We all have seen them.... Bitcoin HYIP scam sites.


They seem to be all run and structured exactly the same, but people continue to get taken advantage of and fall for them.
These sites promise huge rewards for doing... nothing. They offer to pay you out consistently every day, for literally just giving them your bitcoins.
They all offer the same things that are usually decided by an "investment package" selected by the user.


Besides making money off of their "proprietary algorithm" or "team of expert traders" they always offer making bonuses through binary commission. Binary system is just a nice way of saying... pyramid scheme. The more people the more money you make... because you are getting paid with their money. At least, a portion of it until the site shuts down and the "master distributors" run off with all of the investors money.


These sites are supported and pushed by the biggest multi-level-marketing sharks in the "make money from home" sector. They prey on people who do not know much about bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.
It works for them, and it does because the general public is clueless to how crypto trading and the whole crypto world works. All they know is that cryptocurrency is starting to get big, and it can make some money by investing.


Now all these sharks have to do is make these unknowledgeable investors feel comfortable in investing with them and they win. They now have some person dropping 10K thinking they are going to get all that back with an additional 50-100% return, in as fast as 50-150 days. Then to make the deal seem sweeter, if they spread the word they will get "binary commissions".


This site has been much more well put together than the others before it. I'm taking it that the people behind it have watched what people have been saying are "red flags" with the other sites and tried to nip most of those in the butt on their front page site and webinar videos.
They also claim to be in the process of listing their own ICO XLCoin on all exchanges... and what purpose does this coin serve!?
They claim transparency by having the "owner" speak on webinars, go through slide shows, and reassurance that this program has been tried and proven to work.
But how does anyone know who this guy is? He has never showed his face, there is no address or phone number listed to contact them on the site... seems far from transparent.
This group has been active for about a month recruiting people to join their "teams" to ensure good placement in their binary network when the site opens.


They have also advised all of their "investors" to begin spreading the word and building a team so they can beginning collecting their binary bonuses within their first days payout. Time and time again we watch these sites come out and try to be more and more believable... but you aren't fooling me.


July 16th is their launch date... be wary. Look at what this company is offering and compare it to all the other HYIP sites that have come and gone with 90% of the money invested in to their sites... nothing is different besides them claiming transparency. They even add a disclaimer at the bottom of the site warning investors that they shouldn't invest what they aren't willing to forfeit... how do people read this and not say... F**k that!?

My best advice to anyone reading this: Do not invest in sites like these. Buy the coins you feel are good investments in their lows, and HODL.
Use these coins as long term investment plans and watch them grow.
Just look at the growth rate as adoption becomes more and more popular around the world... is it worth risking your hard saved coins on some program that warns you they may run off with your money?

Ride Those WaVeS & Invest Smart!

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Thank you @clevercreator ! I appreciate the support!

Good work and good hearts deserve good all the support I can muster up.

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@crypto2day whats your feeling on BitConnect lending and how does it differ from these "ponzis"?

you forgot Sii Global and USI-Tech lol
i don't see bit connect as a scam in my personal opinion, but we don't know.
At first glance someone may think so but after further investigating and talking to people in other countries, I gathered information that led me to believe otherwise.
You don't have to use their site to "lend" to earn. you can make an account for free and join a mining pool to simply mine their coins.
You can also just watch their coin and buy and sell that to make profits in BTC.
They have had charity events and meet-ups in other countries, and they do not guarantee you any type of daily return. You normally do get an interest payment on your investment daily, but it ranges from 0% to under 2% and is completely based on the change in price of bitcoin for that day.
The only thing the site guarantees is to give you your investment back after said amount of days if you had invested into their lending program.
My family in Vietnam confirmed that they have an office there and have had those events.
Bitconnect has desktop clients for pc, mac, and linux, as well as applications in the google play store and app store. if it is a scam site it is the most well played out scam site that there has been.
Your average interest payout is similar to what a mining contract of a similar amount lended would be, but again, sometimes your interest payout is $1 or nothing.
The only sites that I 100% have faith in are,, and

seems a bit scetchy

very sketchy... especially because the people who are pushing it were involved in the recruiting of huge teams for some of the other scams that just shut down.

That's really amazing! :)
you sure do have a lot of knowledge about bitcoins! :)
do you invest in them ?

I purchased my first bitcoins in 2013 and have enjoyed watching them appreciate since then.
I have a couple rigs for different currencies at my house as well.
Currently I am holding about 8 different crypto's in my portfolio and mining 3 at my home and 3 others through genesis mining.

Very informative, thanks for the heads up

Looks like Bitcoin collect and run scam.

exactly what it is...

I appreciate your time on this scam.

Thank you, it took sometime to gain their trust and be invited to check out their "soft launch". I try to do my due diligence and find out as much as I can about these companies before exposing them.
I have another one that I'm putting together now as well. They are already out and active. This other site is being pushed by the big guys who pushed ECoinplus... and people are still falling for it.
In a sector that is emerging and exploding on to the scene with no regulation, I think it is important to warn the masses who haven't been in this very long so they do not become discouraged when buying/selling crypto, or taken advantage of within their first few months on the wcene

Been hearing more & more bout these scams lately..
A quick search & there they are..
If it sounds too good to be true, bla bla bla..

They aim for the naive and those that are new to the crypto world looking to get rich quick.

For some reason a lot of these sites are registered companies in the UK, maybe its cheaper to register a company there. Also if you look up the whois informatiion, almost all of these type of 'investment companies' hide the owner details. or they really are not even in x country as they claim. Do a LOT of research before investing in anything with your bitcoin. Also legally you probably have no standing if they run away with your bitcoin as it's not a currency or legal tender in most places. Be very careful.
Great post @crypto2dy thank you for sharing .

Thank you, and yes I know that about their hosting. They all use two types of protection; who.isgaurd and cloudfare. Someone I know got a subpoena sent to cloudfare to get them to turn over the actual hosting information... this story is about to get really interesting lol.
And you are right again, it seems as if a lot of people in the U.K. Are not only registering the sites there, but are some of the main people pushing them.
Go join or look into any "Victim for..." or "Justice for..." group involving one of those scams and see what is going on... it is sick.

Give me 1 BTC and in 3 days my robot will grow 3 BTC for you. Totally legitimate, no risk at all, everybody is gonna be rich. :D

Exactly lol, I don't understand why people would just give someone their coins and believe they will return it with a guaranteed daily gain for possibly nothing. Greed and fast money blind many people in today's society.

I think it is mostly desperation, people are desperate for more money.
I personally judge new ''opportunities'' with BTC very easily. Is this scam offering income that exceeds 21 million coins? (Obviosly, mostly it does) Easy math.

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In your post you said January 16th was their launch date. The photo says July 16th. It's a scam (and people lost money) but it hasn't even started yet? I'm lost.

Sorry I meant July 16th... I'll edit that. No, nobody has lost money yet because they are currently doing a "soft launch" where nobody is earning or able to purchase a package yet from my understanding but are able to access their back office and build their "binary network"/team. I never said people have already lost money to this specific program, just that the recruiters for this program are preying on people who lost money in the other scam sites.
This blog was simply to bring awareness to those who may come across this site or be approached by someone recruiting for the company.
They are doing this recruiting throughout bitcoin Facebook groups and Facebook groups aimed at helping the victims of the scam sites that have already come and gone.