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The "STEEM EXPRESS" has been updated, all my current followers are now on board.πŸ‘
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The purpose of the "Steem Express" is to give all people on board more exposure on Steemit and help them gain more followers.

How to board the "STEEM EXPRESS"

Rule 1: Follow me the creator of this post and follow all other people aboard.
Rule 2: Up vote and Re-steem this post so we can spread the word as quickly as possible, and we will all gain followers.
Rule 3: Leave comments when ever you can on the posts of "Steem Express" passengers.
Rule 4: be active and reward members by up voteing when you can.
Rule 5: have your say on how we can improve the Express.
Rule 6: Have Fun πŸ€—πŸ˜Ž

Current Passengers

Lets see how long this list can get?

Please follow me, upvote me, promote me, Steem me up! And l will endeavor to return the favor.! @crypto-expo
Also check my posts for Cryptocurrency recommendations and other cool stuff

Peace out crypto-expo 😎
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Awesome idea, and I do hope everyone tries to take advantage of this effort! Best of luck all!


It is not working as well as I had hoped for , but I still would like to keep it going 😊


For sure.. All aboard 😁