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Hello everyone! I do hope you are having a great experience on this incredible Forum. Steemit is really a great invention by its creators. I have become friends with many people here on the forum and continue to not only develop relationships, but also post articles that are entertaining, informative, and I hope positive.


I have a little advice for anyone that is new on Steemit, or anyone that has been here awhile. Trust me, its good advice...

First things first : Be yourself. Let your thoughts, ambitions, emotions, passions, and desires come out. People love real people. Not everyone will agree with everything you write and that's ok. Just Be Yourself

2nd : Steemit is Steemit / Its a social media/blogging platform, and your account is your account. Don't let others try and dictate how you run and operate your own Steemit Account. If you love to post a lot, then post a lot. If you only post once per month, then post once per month. Anything goes on Steemit. Just remember to BE YOURSELF

3rd: Please respect others posts. If you don't agree with someone or something someone says in a post or comment, then just avoid him. That person isn't worth your time. I remember last year one Steemit Account holder wrote an article and I replied to his article saying I liked it and he was a good writer. I posted on a couple more of his articles and told him I enjoyed his articles and gave votes up. He then replied to me and said to stop spamming him and that next time he would give me a flag. I was thinking to myself. Poor soul. I just avoided him all together. Its really not worth getting into fights over such needless comments. Also, when people write hateful directed replies then simply be nice. Others in the community will read the hateful reply and will respond accordingly. Resist, Avoid, Dismiss, and get back to Steeming.

4th: Be sure to use the tags effectively when posting. If you are posting about dogs, then set up your links like: animals, dogs, nature, life, blog, etc. Better not use the tag Steemit for such things. I've been warned by some whales about doing that, even though Steemit is the name of the Web site. Just be careful. You don't want to get black listed by a whale.

5th: Be sure to give credit to ALL photos, articles, and quotes, etc. off of the internet. Also give credit to yourself for a post you do with a picture, video, etc. Do something like this... Say you pull a picture off of the internet and use it in your post. You must give credit of the picture in your post, otherwise you may get flagged by one of the big whales on the site. I have seen some poor souls that didn't given credit to photos off the net and got heavily flagged. I have watched these peoples accounts go from Level 43 to Level 10 in a day. Be careful and always give credit where credit is due.

6th: If you comment you might want to refrain from using profanity. Profanity is looked down by a lot of people and they simply will unsubscribe from your blog. If you like to use profanity there are posters out there that don't mind it. But you may want to say its for adult eyes only. Remember, there are teenagers and children on the Steemit Forum.

7th: Be kind. Again, if you disagree with someone and comment, be careful with your words and be kind. Write out your thoughts in a logical manner and make your point without beating someone over the head.

8th: When comments are given to posts and we see the exact same comments from the same person, then many will simply unsubscribe. An example. I have a good 15 or so people that write the exact same thing on my posts. They say something like. "Good post. Follow me and I will follow you.". The funny thing is, I had already followed these people the first time around. So they write again on more of my articles, "Good post. Follow me and I will follow you". The didn't even check to see that I was already following them. Again, another unsubscribe.

9th: Be VERY sparing on using a Vote Down on anyone. If someone does something terrible then yes. If you don't agree with someone and decide to do a vote down, like on youtube , then people may be scared to make any comments to your site whatsoever. Beware of the Vote Downer.

10th: Have fun. Steemit is an awesome site like none other. I have truly made countless friends that have similar interests. I enjoy getting to know so many people here on the Forum, and the best thing is, Freedom. We have the Freedom to truly express ourselves, and most respect that.

The above suggestions are only but a few of the many. But I think they will be invaluable to you. Looking forward to getting to know more here in Steemit. Cheers Folks. Have a good one.

Article by @crowe here on STEEMIT.

(The Top photo is from - I added the word STEEMIT

(All photographs of children were taken by me, @crowe ) The pictures are all of my children.

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Good tips Crowe. Though hard to follow them sometimes. Especially if someone comes to your blog and starts flaming you for whatever reason. I had it once and i responded less kindly then i could have done. Don't get me wrong, that person deserved my reaction, but i think now that i probably should have taken the moral high ground.
I also only follow people i am genuinely interested in. Certainly not when they make a generic comment like that and expect a follow back.
In any case, good effort, looking forward to the next ten tips ;)


I know what you mean. Some people can be very rude and curse you, etc. Happened to me a few times. I just flat out ignored them. Someone like that you really have to watch. They could try and mess your Steemit account up by down voting. I wouldn't put anything past the "ones". Cheers.

Thanks for the advice @crowe, I believe all new users need to see this, I for one needed to see this. You have lovely children too.
Nice post


Thanks @winarobert . I appreciate it. I am now following your blog. See you on Steemit.

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This post recieved an upvote from minnowpond. If you would like to recieve upvotes from minnowpond on all your posts, simply FOLLOW @minnowpond

This is a great post!!! I loved it, Very educational, im following you ASAP


Thanks. Following you back. Cheers.

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Nice list of advice! Authenticity - be yourself - is one of the best advices not only for steemit but for all of life.


Thanks @fanstaf . Have a good one.