WOOHOO! 300+ Followers!!!

in steemit •  last year

BIG UPS to all my Steemit followers. Doubled my base within 1 month.

I sit here enjoying a fine bottle of Irish Whiskey

to commemorate the increase. NOW, I know having more followers doesn't necessarily mean more success on this platform, but IDC!!! I just wanted to show some love for my og, double og, triple og's on here.

More content to follow. And when I say content, I mean GOOD and WELL THOUGHT OUT information that's meant to keep the reader engaged and wanting more.

Prior to joining steemit, Facebook was literally the ONLY social media platform i fux'd wit. Having the honor of addressing 300+ people, of whom I have NEVER met before, has taught me to step up my game and give the readers what they want. Finding good blogs on here can be a task, and I just want my peeps to know that I DO NOT take it for granted.

Stay up my peoples! Keep your eyes peeled on your feeds and keep a lookout for my handle @crooklyncat.

PLEASE upvote_ , _comment AND follow

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Thanks, ma dude!

gratz, now 300 and what ever i make it


304! Thanks.

Congratulations buddy,i wish you got more followers in future. :)


I Appreciate the well wishes. Thnx!


Good job cat!Dont drink too much:)