Why be stingy with your upvotes? Show some LOVE!

in steemit •  2 years ago


It happens to us all. You're lucky enough to get 100+ followers and take the time to write out some content, get about 60 or more views.... BUT ONLY 12 VOTES? 12 votes... if you're LUCKY! At least in my case, that is.

Even with the recent hardfork giving us little guys some more voting power.

STILL , only 12 votes? I mean..... THANK YOU to my upvoters. I ABSOLUTELY value you guys. My "ride or die" G's! This post is obviuosly directed more towards the other 48 "lookie-loos" who don't bother clicking that button. Don't be stingy and stubborn with that vote...
Help break a fellow steemian off with some love. I guarantee you that it will be repaid back in the multiples. Just because you may be a minnow doesn't mean you're vote doesn't help encourage us to write more content.

Even if your voting power is next to nothing can't you at least let the author know you care enough to throw a vote their way? Or at the very LEAST , comment? Anything wouod be nice. Tell me my shit SUCKS...but tell me SOMETHING.

If you're a follower then shouldn't you care? Maybe it's just me, but I honestly keep upvoting until my vote is worthless. It'll be back to 100% again within 24hrs, or even less. Then I'm back at it again.

Idk, maybe I'm just being a whiner, but what's the purpose of being on steemit if we can't make each other some $$$?
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_PLEASE upvote , comment and follow ...but only if you really mean it. LOL.

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Very true indeed. You got my upvote :)


Thanks! Followed. Gotta keep this chain going!

I'm new, but here is an upvote. All about the love, my brand new fellow steemian


Nice to see some people spreading the love. I appreciate the read and upvote! Followed. Hope to see some of your content on my feed. Thanks for support.

Hey man, just keep posting. Be consistent and persistent with it. It will pay off. Make it so people recognize ur user name on here. Also hit them up with comments. Big comments get a lot of pull on here. Make those durations count. Look around for accounts that you know are gonna get high upvotes and when you see them post hit them up with upvotes and comments. You can get really good payouts on curation. Some people just do that on here and don't really post much. It's only a matter of time before ur post start pulling in $2 , then $5, then $9, then $15, then $26, then hundreds!! Crazy we r both out here in SD. Do you tell much people about steemit? When need to get these prepped on here. Posting on insta and Facebook is stupid at this point. The blockchain is where it's at.


Yea, ive been trying to get as many people on here as possible, but most people i know dont even know what digital currency is. Lol. The ones i DO get through to, end up giving up on joining because of the approval wait time. No patience!

Then they sit there and wonder how i make money everyday. Geez, we got a long ways to go before we start waking up the masses.

I gave up on Facebook as soon as i discovered steemit. I never bothered with any of the other social media platforms. You're definetely right, blockchain is the FUTURE! FINALLY, we have something to look forward to besides hoverboards!

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I think a comment is better if your voting power is zero, it shows that you actually took some time and consideration, instead of upvoting to nothing and giving zero reward. Save your upvote for content you value, instead of upvoting so much your upvote can't reward that which you value more than just anything.


I think this post was made before the fork, so things were a little different regarding upvoting, but thanks for reading my blog posts!

You're right though. Now it's better to be selective with how you should distribute your voting.