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RE: Is Steemit Social Network Truly Decentralized?

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If your information is true, the platform Steemit is doomed and I will use the officially centralized platforms with official censorship again. There would be no reason left to stay on Steemit in my own opinion.

And I´m saying this despite I personally invested in Steem last year. I posted my thoughts in my blog about the problems here right before they announced to terminate the most part of their staff.

My definition of a hacker is, that they denounce nuisances (f.e. corruption) to help the public and the world as a community. Which means they should not hold the information about 9/11 for (crypto) ransom.
I think there are more uncharted and wealthy participants who should get their lawsuit.
But this is just my own picture of how a hacker should be.

The big question is, if the hackergroup is finding a censorship free platform (if there is any out there?) and if they will resign on their ransom and just publish the insurance fraud and confidants.
What I also can´t believe is, that there is no one out there to pay 2.000.000 in BTC for this kind of information?! It´s actually a bargain...

-> Resteemed my favourite crypto group ;)


Steemit may be doomed. Perhaps Dan Larimer knew what he was doing when he left it. However, a new platform one will emerge sooner or later. Ive heard ONO was doing good, but we will see.

When it comes to the hackers: I think that those documents will surface sooner or later.

Thank you for your support, I didnt know you were a part of CryptoMedics ;)
Share to all your friends, the truth should be spread across the community.

Yeah its sad, especially when you put a lot of effort with posting etc. to earn some SBD and actually did it "for free". Is there a official statement from Steemit in this hacker case?
You are welcome. I´m just a (mostly) silent reader of your free telegram updates and discussion group (@criticalmass86) and watched your twitch stream in Dec. ;)
I will.

Steemit will probably post some bullshit only. Some of the founders must have been contacted by government agencies (who else could that be) and threatened with some legal (or worse) actions. Otherwise, why would they ban those people?

Did you get to read those documents? And if yes, what do they expose?

Everyone can read it. But I guess its like reading the leaked documents from Snowden or Wikileaks. You need sorting & plotting thousands of sites with a schedule what to search for/what is important.
I´m also not sure, if they saved explosive evidences on their disks for 17 years waiting to get hacked = doesn´t make sense to me.