Why I'm Not Posting to Steemit

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It's not what you think.

Actually, it's not you. It's me. Specifically, I got a book contract, and that made posting hard. Then I got another one. That made it exceptionally difficult. Then school started (I teach at four schools) and that pretty much killed off any time I had to write posts here.

It's not that I'm not writing, you understand. I am--as always--doing National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo--where authors commit to writing 50,000 words, about two hundred or so paperback pages, in a month), and I'm about 20,000 words ahead of pace. Yes, you read that right. I'm going to win NaNo with two weeks to spare. I'll write something on the order of 80,000 words this month. I'm writing this while sitting at my desk at school, in the 45-minute free period I get every day. If I didn't, another week would go by before I could find a few minutes.

Life is wonderful, truly. I've never been happier, never had more productive work to do. I have finished the fifth draft of the non-fiction book I was contracted to write, and it should be in print sometime after Christmas. The other book, the pick-your-path adventure novel, which I am ghost-writing, will be first-drafted tomorrow, I think, or at the latest Friday. I will have produced the draft in 53 days. I could no more have done that three years ago--or even last year, come to think of it--than sprouted wings and flown away on the autumn breeze.

But I've gotten better. Steemit has been a part of that. I did writing challenges for Steemit, and especially one that I did myself, where I wrote 100 first pages of stories in 60 days. I honed my craft. I learned. I got better. I'm proud of the work I've put in in this space, and I fully intend that there will be more of it, probably a lot more. But first, there are people writing me checks to produce words for them. I feel honor-bound to take their money.

One day, I'll tell the story of how all this came about. I'm now able to support my family writing words, something I wouldn't have thought possible just a few short months ago. It's not rocket science, either, and although some of it is absolutely luck, a lot more of it is just hard work over a long time. That's a story that needs telling.

One day.

In the meantime, I'm still lurking here, and still a huge fan of the things Steemit can do. As the community grows--and especially as the marketplace for STEEM grows--there will be a day when we will all be very happy we invested our time here. I intend to be in on that party, with all my heart.

Keep writing.


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So this is why we've not yet met! You're nearing legend status in the Writers' Block on discord - I guess that happens when you get book deals and disappear into the keyboard! Congrats on that!

Glad to hear you're meeting some longtime goals, I look forward to meeting you when you have more time.

I'm looking forward to that myself. I need to be a lot more present than I have been, regardless of the time commitments of these other projects. Steemit is important to me. Thanks for stopping by.

I never knew you on the Writers Block, but there are some excellent authors trailing in your wake. Good to see you are living the dream. Keep it up!

I'll be back, never fear. I have more work to do. I look forward to getting to know you.

There are much worse excuses for not being active on Steemit.

Congrats on all you are working on and achieving! You are an inspiration! I have somewhat similar constraints, and am squeaking writing into the little nooks and crannies of my life. Hearing your story really gives me hope about what is possible.

My life is a hymn to the victory of enthusiasm over skill. There are a lot more things possible than are dreamt of in our philosophy, to paraphrase a master. Keep writing.

We miss you, but very happy for you! When you need a break once in a while, come visit us. I believe @thinknzombie still channels his internal Cristof on occasion when editing.

Oh, @bex-dk, you're my fave. Thank you. I will be around a bit more. The initial wave of impossible has crested, and the ship remains seaworthy and heading for the horizon, azure seas creaming in its wake. You'll see my sails from the lighthouse again, never fear.

We miss you. And I do try my hardest to channel my inner Cristof :-)

It is wonderful to hear of your success! I figured your book deals were keeping your attention. Thank you for the update and continued blessings to you!