And All Of A Sudden, I'm a 25

in steemit •  last year

I spent a lot of time and energy last year getting to a 56 rep score, and today I log in and I'm a 25.

I'm not sure how this happens, but I'd love to know. It's not the end of the world--my rep score is really mostly useful for other people--but it's a little bit of a bummer.

So how does it happen? And how do I know, if there was some kind of event, what that was? Who I ticked off? Or is it a result of my just not being around a whole lot recently?

Ah ye of the beautiful hive mind of Steemit, bestow y'all's knowledge. Please.


P.S. Ha. I lied. Please forgive me--I was looking at someone else's page. Forget I said anything.

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You are still 56... I once had such heart attack too that i yelled out. But it is a common loading pattern on phones. Dont be scared. Rep 56

I don't think you're actually 25. It says 56 on this post. There is a glitch when you are in your wallet that makes your rep say 25, but it's still at it's normal 56

You weren't the only person having that problem, seems like there was a glitch in the front end that terrified a lot of people :)


you definitely do not rate a 25 rep, my friend. I'm DM'ing you - I trust you have registered with Chat