Step 1. Fly to Toronto - Step 2. Tell Cool People We Meet About Steemit

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Hi friends!

@maryjaney and I made it to Toronto for the @steemcreators Conference and have had a total blast hanging out with everyone!

Right after landing we hopped on the train to DowntownToronto. The guy sitting next to us was carrying a ukulele and so we obviously started chatting music.

He talked about how he’s tried releasing original music on YouTube, but sometimes it feels like he is sharing to an empty room and has had a hard time finding an audience for his music.

We ended up having a great conversation about the music community here on Steemit and we told him about the @openmic contest.

He was super intrigued and so we left him our info and offered to help him get setup on Steemit!

Yeah it’s totally possible that this guy will never do anything about it. But on the off chance that we help someone find a supportive community to share their music and get inspired? Totally worth it.

Can’t wait to share more about our Toronto adventures!

With Love,

The Steem Sisters

@corsucate and @maryjaney

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An excellent opportunity to promote Steemit. I hope he played you a song or serenaded you. LOL Thanks for sharing the great news.

Thanks for sharing. Good to know about your experience..

Lol that would be so cool if he actually joined Steemit @coruscate , way to promote my friend and welcome to Canada !👌💕✌😍

good luck, especially in times, when Steem is under 1$. But you made some very good points: with lower activity on the steem chain, it is easier to gain attention in your field.

From my experience, people have to create and wait for their accounts themselves. I handed away 2-3 accounts for free, but people dont use it. :'(

Have fun in Toronto. Sorry I couldn't be there but we'll catch up at Steemfest. :) Say hi to @maryjaney and the rest of the @steemcreators crew.

Best Neighborhood in Toronto is kengsinton market i love it.