Want to be Successful on Steemit? Be a Farmer, not a Hunter

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Hello Friends!

One of the things that I feel like we spend a lot of time explaining as a community - is that Steemit is not a "Get rich quick" scheme and that people cannot expect to start earning thousands of dollars right off the bat. People can often get frustrated when their posts don't earn much right away... or even in the first few months.

I think one of the most powerful ways to make a point stand out is through story and analogy. I hope this analogy helps this concept to sink in a little deeper, and may be something we can use when explaining it to newer users.

The Hunter vs. The Farmer Mindset

In this vlog, I dig into the details on each mindset - but here is a high level overview.

The Hunter expects to go out and kill it right away. Some days they may get lucky and be able to feast...but there will also be a lot of famine. On Steemit, I would equate this to those who throw up content and hope and pray someone discovers them and gives them a vote. Yes, this happens sometimes, but it is not the most sustainable approach.

The Farmer takes the time to sow his seeds, water and care for the plants and take the time to watch it grow. On Steemit, this is people who consistently post good content and take the time to cultivate a community around them. They take the time to invest in others. It will take longer for them to feast on the fruits of their labor, but they will have built something that is sustainable and has roots.

I hope you guys found this video helpful in someway. Maybe next time you are explaining the concept of slow, but steady progress - this analogy may help drive the point home.

Thanks so much for listening! <3

xo, Lea

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Great ideas. @coruscate
You sound like Ivan Misner.
Are you a member of BNI?

Oh cool! I have never heard of him before, but glancing at the topics in his videos, I think I would enjoy channel! Thanks for sharing.

You’re welcome. @coruscate
A local Washington BNI chapter would be useful for you to farm.

I’m totally the farmer. Mostly because I have the farmers tan already perfected. Okay who am I kidding, a farmers tan would actually be an improvement!

Hahaha you and me both! Don’t you live in California? Haha This Washington girl hasn’t seen the sun in ages. I’ve got a couple trips planned to see the sunshine soon though! Vegas for the creators conference then Palm Springs with some friends. Can’t wait for waaaarm weather!

Ha ha I do live in CA but I never leave home!! Especially when there is Door Dash:)

I'm not big on watching videos so I'll assume it's good. I appreciate the fact that you always give at least a synopsis is of your video as part of your post so I don't actually have to go watch them.
It's kind of fun to watch the Hunters scurrying around trying desperately to get attention.

YES! Your comment actually means a lot to me. I always do a written synopsis because I work on the assumption that there are plenty of people who would prefer not to watch a video. Your the first person to really confirm that for me though - so thank you!

I rarely watch videos either. If someone can't take a minute to tell me what is in the video first there is zero chance I'll give them the time of day. With a quick overview I can at least decide if it's worth my time...most of the time it isn't. Sorry but nobody talking is interesting enough to keep my attention for 5-15 minutes. I can read everything they want to convey in way less time and never have to deal with the showmanship that so many vloggers get into. Want info, not entertainment.

BTW, great post! Couldn't agree more on the analogy used.

Thanks for your input @thedarkhorse! That is super helpful. Even though I am personally someone who does like to watch videos - I couldn’t agree more about them needing some kind of overview. Like you said... how are you supposed to know if you even want to watch it??

I figure we are all busy, and we don’t all have time to stop and watch a video... so giving people the opportunity to skim the main points from the vlog won’t hurt.

Thanks again for your two cents! It really is helpful for me.

Videos are great if there is a purpose. So is there something that can't easily be shared in text or something that just is easier to comprehend if you see it. So a video on a cooking technique or a video about a resort are ones I'm likely to watch vs one that is just info that could have been written and the video serves no purpose in enhancing my experience.

Hope that makes sense and only sharing as maybe it will spark an idea or two for you. If not worst case you spent 20 seconds reading my thoughts.

Anyways thanks for taking the time to respond to my comment. Always like to see that out of posters. Engagement with your audience is always a smart thing.

You are welcome! I almost never watch a video, they take too much bandwidth/data and the noise is rude when there are other people in the room. :) Glad I could confirm your suspicions!

Most people don't know they're hunters, however the ones that are farmers never get to tell a hunter that he needs to be a farmer, rather he hangs out with farmer friends instead

That’s a good point! Us farmers tend to stick together. 😜

Indeed. In the long run it doesnt pay to just care about the currently big voters. And that includes people which are not neccessarily content creators - if ones audience leaves constructive comments and grows in voting power, that is your benefit - not only becouse there are constructive comments but also becouse these people gaing voting power.

And dtube espacialy runs better the more people run IPFS nodes, content creators or not.

Oh interesting! I don’t know a lot about how IPFS nodes work - but that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the info!

Well, its short for InterPlanetary File System becouse it would be a sensible way of how you could share files on the internet such as the videos via Dtube even with lets say a mars colony (assuming there are some people with IPFS nodes on Mars). I dont have a big upload rate to mars (well, none at the moment but in a situation in which we would), so if 5 people on mars (simutaniously or not) accessed a file i have, nodes local to Mars would get it and distribute it quicker.

The same principle applies on earth, the storage and upload rate of one system are not infinate (but, vice versa, often not fully used) and even on those comparativly small distances, if you are in australia and want a file, it will still be more efficient to get it from a node in sydney rather than new york.

I've join in Steemit with a hunter mindset, i'm trying to be a farmer everyday.

I think a lot of people start with that kind of mindset, but those who are able to shift their perspective are the ones you do well in long-term. I’m so glad you found this post helpful!

You are absolutely right about Steemit. Slow and steady wins this race. You have to be in it for the long haul if you really want to find success and make solid connections here.

It is true that many of our perception of steemit when we first joined could be different from what is actually happening after joining. Stories of people getting thousands of dollars by posting are real but rare in fact. When such stories were being promoted our of proportion, new members joined the platform thinking they can start a quick-to-get-rich program easily. The analogy of hunter and farmer is really a good illustration. As we are farmers, we need to sow seeds of relationship so that friendships can develop and grow. Thanks for sharing something that brings new members down to earth and approach steemit in a practical and realistic way.

I’m so glad you connected with the analogy!

This was a FANTASTIC analogy @coruscate. I think your video was articulate and to the point.

This is such a perfect analogy for steemit and life altogether. In history farmers built early civilizations. Thank you @coruscate for sharing.

I’m so glad you found the analogy helpful!

You're right, it needs time..
You need to build connections here, make new friends and enjoy the experience

That's a really good way of explaining it, I hadn't thought of it like that, ust yeah, that makes so much sense!

Awesome! I’m glad the analogy clicked with you!

Yes I agree with your views. It is fact mentioned in your blog. Thanks for sharing the fact.

Humans were hunter-gatherers before we figured out the farming. What were we supposed to eat while we were waiting for the first crops to grow?

Haha fair point!

The paradox of all this is that the modern society with so much technification and professionalization seems that it wants to finish with the peasantry that are the true farmers. How rare!

I agree totally! now follow me and upvote my posts! hahahaha :) resteem too, hmmph! ;)

im serious ! hahaha.. keep up the great posts! We keep upvoting you!

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i'm motivated girl thanks for telling us most of us we need to get rich quickly they is no such thing we need to cultivate our land first and water our fields and learn to be patient. Nothing comes easy we need to sweat for it. Hoping at the end to reap a good harvest of course we reap what we sow

Awesome, I’m so glad you found the post helpful!

nice plzzz upvote dear

Very good post, corus!!

Haha love the nickname! I’m glad you enjoyed the article.

Impressive example of Framer and Hunter. Slow but constantly win the race on Steemit. Appreciate with resteemed.

Thank you so much for the re-steem! I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

Wow ! I have learned a lot in this article!

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As a newcomer to Steemit that was a great analogy and one that gave me some insight. Thanks!

That’s so great! I’m really glad you found this post helpful.

Resteemed you :) #Steemers

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Now a farmer the video is helpful

I like how you explained the farmer as 'caring for tbe plants', that has been a subject of debate between myself and a couple others who post here. Each of my posts mean something to me, I put thought, time, and heart into each one. The votes, and money are nice, but my purpose for posting is to share the information. This is why I don't get dissapointed. 😊💙🌻

very good post and inspiration. thank

Nice article. Yes true, sometimes its really frustrating. On a lighter note, how many months did you take when you were at least satisfied with the performance :)

Umm it was really hit and miss for a while... things only really started to take off a few months ago, but I’ve been on the platform since last July. I hope that helps!

importante recomendaciones lo tomare en cuenta ya que soy uno de lo que esta comenzando en esta comunidad..gracias por compartirlo @coruscate

You're totally right! We came in here thinking we were going to hunt our way to millions and that just doesn't work...unless it does and you become Steem Millionaires like we did!

Great advice lil mama!

thanks to the instructions or procedures of working in the steemian, the suggestions you provide are very useful for us here.and we want to learn from you.

I am going slow and easy...

Cool. I like steemit. I new)))🐟

I live in Nueva Ecija where our place called the Rice Granary of the Philippines. Everywhere you go, there's farmland, and so, farmers. My grandfather was a farmer, my father was a farmer when he's young. Observing their lives, they work harder than any profession. They will wake up early morning to work, whether to prepare the land or water the pants or whatever. They are hard-worker expecting for a great harvest.

Farmers are also one the the most relational people, if not the most. Almost everyday after work, they will gather together and just talking about anything under the sun -while sipping rice coffee.

BUT these 'rice farmers' are 'early sleepers', probably not like steemfarmers working even late @night, haha. One good lesson from them is to take care of the body so there's new streght for the next day grueling job.

I'm a farmer and I think that you have to enjoy what you are doing and go to the posts that you're interested in and take a time to every single post and not only search to became popular... Its nice to be ambitious but not only want to take profit without doing nothing.
Thanks for this post, It's very interesting, I'd resteemed it!

This is all great, but your analogy is fairly worthless when you don't even touch upon HOW to "plant those seeds" or HOW to "cultivate the platform". I would imagine that most of the questions you refer to receiving about succeeding on this platform concern those details. Of course, you might refer to just those things in other videos, but if that is the case then a pointer to those specific videos would leave a trail for people who want a bit more substance than just an analogy to follow.

Yeaah!Very true, that was really helpful... Thanks a lot :)

I got many great lesson by joining this platform, to be honest, being voted isnt my first purpose being around others. I know my writing is not good because I hate writing before. But after reading some articles from such great people like you and others. I like writing now, I got many great lessons that writing is enjoyable.
I learn to write in english though english is not my first language. On your opinion, I couldnt agree more, but I tried to give a little words on my own perpective.
For me, being a hunter isn't always bad, and a farmer as well. I try to combine both being a hunter and a farmer. Both of them isnt always bad. It depent on us. I try to combine both being like a farmer and hunter.
As you said, To be succesful on steemit isn't as quick as we expect. I do agre witb you.
Just enjoy the process. Keep learning like a farmer and keep trying like a hunter.
Nothing great is built overnight.
Thanks for sharing.