100 Steemians Gave their Best Advice to New Users ... Here's What They Said. (Plus Contest Winner Announced!)

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Last week I passed the 1000 follow milestone, and to celebrate I ran a 10 SBD Giveaway! Lately I have been noticing more and more questions on my posts about steemit and I thought it would be so cool to not only give them my two cents, but have an entire bank of helpful information they can reference back to as well!

The Contest

For my giveaway, I simply asked people to comment with their best piece of Steemit advice. I was absolutly floored by how many people responded, and how helpful the tips were!

Here is a link to the Contest Post and I would highly recommend reading thorugh all these great comments. I'm pretty excited to have this resource listed all in one place so that I can send users a link to that article and encourage them to look through it for advice and encouragmenet on their steemit journey.

This bank of advice ended up being really well-rounded. There were many topics covered and advice from all levels of users. There were tips from people who had been here a week to those who have been here for a year and a half.

I want to give a big shoutout to all of those who gave really stellar pieces of advice! You guys rock!

@jkenny, @steemmatt, @benleemusic, @isteemithard, @josejirafa, @jhairahdignos, @mrwh1te, @homescoolkidz, @snrm, @thekitchenfairy, @cryptobeans, @hors, @roldamn, @chasegapo, @ireasons, @goldmatters, @dtwo, @soykatonline, @blackempror, @rashford, @davidallenjones, @kolapo1, @skrulze, @markmorbidity, @the-fundraiser, @alexphuah, @aice20, @josediccus, @squares, @mickyscofield, @apiprincz, @highjaykay, @itharagaian, @steemitqa, @rumbledoor, @alkhemst, @realseb, @yura81, @aussieninja, @ajibade, @xplore, @nuedareniel, @aytim, @mortyc137, @artzanolino, @favoured001, @wireless07, @leo-lobo-astral, @aldentan, @kamalkennedy, @rebelheart, @lavanyalakshman, @endless.drugs, @rharphelle, @marlon241982, @holadeivi, @ezinwakelvin, @drayhazz, @williams21, @caleblindsay, @melanoquin, @godofbit, @adetola, @sezenke, @alexandraioana26, @ths77, @mightymicke, @isellbooks, @innita, @bryandivisions, @rebe, @ciocolony, @dwarfche, @guitartech, @cyoadventuregame, @thankori, @ainie.kashif, @chiboyzz, @shanu, @rochelejohn

Now in the original post... I mentioned that I would be doing a random draw to select the winner. I actually do it as a live drawing in this Dtube video!

Drumroll Please...

The winner is @chasegapo!! I will be transferring 10SBD to him momentarily.

The Main Themes

As you can imagine, certain themes started to rise from the video. Even though everyone brought their own unique voice to the advice - it was clear that most users find certain pieces of advice to be the most helpful for new users. I go into more detail in my Dtube Vlog, but here are the highlights:

  1. Be yourself, be authentic.
  2. Post great, high quality content.
  3. Engage with others and build relationships.
  4. Steemit is not a get rich quick scheme.
  5. Don't get discouraged. (If you do... refer back to the above tips).

A Word Cloud of your Responses!

I thought it would be fun to take everyone's responses and make it into a word cloud so we could see the most used words from all 100 pieces of advice. Not surprisingly, Steemit was by far the biggest word! Some of the others are pretty interesting to browse through though.


I just want to say a HUGE thank you again to all of you who have decided to follow along with me on my steemit journey. It means so much to me and I am thrilled to call many of you my friends! I mention in the last post that I wish I could go grab a beer with many of you guys... and I'm still hoping one day it happens!

▶️ DTube

WHAAAT! I was not expecting that at all.

I was reading your post, and was honestly really happy and content that I made the shoutout list :)

Then... I saw that I won and I almost couldn't believe it. I had to go watch the video!

Thank you so much for doing this giveaway. You deserve every bit of your 1000+ followers and have been pumping out some great content.

Now onto future growth and your next milestone! Keep crushin it!

Was mentioned but didn't win
Keep Steeming!!!

Aww I’m SO thrilled for you,@chasegapo!! Thanks for participating and adding your thoughts and advice to the conversation. 😊 I’m loving your blog, by the way! You are off to a great start here on Steemit!

Aww, thanks for the feedback! :) I've thought about trying out some vlogs but have never done them before. Although i'm not sure what I would vlog about, I feel its a great way for the community to really get to know someone.

Congratulations @chasegapo 😊😊 you wrote good. Good luck for the future!

Thank you friend, good luck to you too!

hello .. but i do not understand about the contest so much

You look like my sister when she was in high school. Her name is Carissa.

Oh too funny!! Well, I’m flattered that you think I look like I’m in high school. 😜


Hi, thank you for this compilation and also for the contest! It’s always interesting to hear other opinions. But, for example, now I have a big problem on how to get noticed. Do you have advise on that?

Great question! Your blog is off to a great start with beautiful photos, and inspirational topics. I would honestly say that getting to know people and making friends in the platform is the biggest thing you can do. If you spend more time reading and commenting on others posts than you do on your own blog, you’ll be off to a good start. It really can take a while to build those relationships and have a solid follower base.

Also, I see that you are PhD student! Maybe if you wrote a few bigger posts about the types of things you’re studying, people might find that interesting or helpful. :-) Just a thought!

Dont get discouraged and keep pressing on. I think you have a very bright future here on Steemit!

Congrats again on 1k followers! Keep up the good work!

Thanks Brian! By the way... I played that Luke Bryan song at my DJ gig last night and it was a hit! Haha Turns out in addition to hula dancing skills, you are secretly a great DJ as well!

That’s great... Hope they kicked that dust up! I think I will have to let you do the dancing and DJ’ing... I don’t think the world is ready for what I would bring to the table! (which is a pitch-deaf and awkward moving country boy)

Haha oh, I think the world is ready for it. Anyway, thanks again for the song suggestion, it ended up being really fun! There were
people swing dancing in the middle, and a few people doing a two-step around the outside of the floor. :-)

Whoa look at you go! Congratulations on your achievement!!! What a neat and clever way to celebrate!!! I am currently thinking of ways that I can celebrate as well. I also just achieved 1000+ followers! Keep up the great work! You’re doing an awesome job!! 😃🤗👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🎉🎈🎈🎈

Aww congrats to you!! It has been a while since we have talked, and I’m so glad to see that you are still killing it out here and doing a great job!! It’s really cool to see how much you needlework Monday initiative has taken off. :-)

Thank you so much! I know it’s been awhile. I was so glad to visit you and catch up on what you’ve been up to! I am so thrilled and excited about #NeedleWorkMonday growing more and more every week! It’s really cool to see something you started blossoming...I’m humbled. ☺️

wow , I was mentioned also, .... I am beyond happy for it... im so glad you have accepted and appreciated my advice . Big Thanks :)

Aww you’re so welcome! Thank you so much for contributing to the conversation and participating. :-)

Hmm. Good stuff. There are a lot of contests going on here on Steemit. In my opinion, this is one of the more worthwhile ones.

And holy crap but you are good at engagement!

Aww thanks my friend!! I couldn’t believe how many people participated! 😊

congratulations on reaching over 1k followers. am a newbie and it does get frustrating most time. starting out without an audience hasnt been easy. just like you adviced we gota keep at it and keep working our way up. would really appreciate support from oldies like you. would appreciate if you can check out my blog post and probably give me an upvote

I can definitely understand the frustrations of starting out! I did not have a follower base either, or know anyone that had any kind of big voting power. Lots of hard work and persistence pays off over time!

One piece of advice, is that asking people to check out your blog and give you a vote is probably not your best move. I know that it feels like it takes forever to get noticed, but if you focus on reading other people’s posts and leave a really thoughtful responses to their content, they are more likely to check out your blog and give you a vote from that.

I hope that helps, but let me know if you have any questions!

thank you very much for the well thought advice. i will certainly heed to it and keep working hard

Totally should be the entry video for any new sign up that's required to watch. Wonderful content but easy to digest and really get people on the right track here at steemit

Wow, thanks for the big compliment! Hopefully if people listen to it, they would take the advice to heart. Not always the case, but one can hope!

Good advice in general, and congratulations on the 1k @coruscate!

Thank you @altherion!!

Wow, and I didn't even know this happened. Good advice, I'm always trying to simply distill the info to new users who don't understand what to do at all.

There can definitely be a lot of complexities to getting started, and it can be difficult to explain things to new users... so I hear you there! Feel free to send a link to my original post, with all of the pieces of advice in the comment section. Not sure if that would be helpful, but you’re welcome to use it as a resource as well!


Great tips for a Newbie Steemian like me. Thank you and everyone. that sent in advice. I'm working my way towards 100 followers now. And of course finding awesome Peeps to follow and get to know along the way. I'm absolutely a follower of you now.

Aww thanks @delilah1taylor! I’m so glad that you found some of the tips helpful! If you ever have questions about Steemit, don’t hesitate to reach out! :-)

Wow! So, you've really a contest in the past. Oh I just started following up not quite long, that's why I'm not mentioned in the post. Well, I still look forward to seeing more of it, maybe I can feature in the next.

Sorry you missed the contest! I had so much fun with this one, that I made you another one in the future. :-) The list of people I mention were people who participated in the contest.

Hmmmm congratulation to the winner, and congratulations again to you on your milestone.

Thanks for including me on the valid entries, i may not won the raffle but i was noticed and thats a jackpot for me :) thanks for being nice and the advises from the comments really helped upon me to reach for more to be in the place you are right now :) Keep steemin! :D

That’s awesome!! I’m so glad reading through some of the other comments ended up being helpful for you. 😊 I really appreciate you participating and adding your own advice to the conversation!

Congratulations on reaching your milestone! Thank you for running the contest that resulted in the trove of great suggestions!

Thanks @acdevan! I’m pretty excited to have all this great advice in one place. :-)

Great stuff!!! Your videos are awesome.. Amazing content and you seem genuinely authentic which is great!!! Keep it up

Aww thanks for the thoughtful comment! Definitely put a smile on my face and I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my Dtube videos! 😊

Awesome post. This is truly helpful to the new people on this platform like myself. I'm just starting out and will definitely take this advice. Congrats to the winner!!!

I’m so glad you found these tips helpful! Best of luck as you start out your steemit journey!

Thank you, guess we all could use some advice, as the platform is still fairly new and a lot of us are flying blind, great to get some input from those who have it down.

stay blessed

I’m so glad that you found some of these tips helpful! If you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Thank you :-)

Hi this is my first comment on DTube, fresh from YouTube. I saw your video title and found it helpful for anyone new to Dtube, including people from YT like me! Thanks I subbed ya -KleshGuitars

Welcome to Dtube @kleshguitars! Glad we’ve won you over to the dark side. 😉 If you ever hav3 questions... don’t hesitate to reach out!

Hi @coruscate, thanks for the update, Congrats to @chasegapo! and my best wishes always. Wishing you a pleasant day.

Thanks @ainie.kashif! I hope you have a lovely day as well!

Damn it!

So sad i've found you now but i'll make sure to follow and check the advices for noobies with Steemit!

Aww sorry you missed it! This was my first time running a contest, and I had so much fun that I may end up doing another one in the future. :-)

Congratulations on achieving 1000 Followers, May u achieve more in your life. I think on Steemit hardworking and honestly can grow higher, although this can be take more time for achievement but gambling shortcuts can destroy your hard earned rewards. Upvote, following and resteemed.
Thanks for supporting to juniors @coruscate

Thanks for the thoughtful response! You’re right, working hard is definitely a big part of it.

Thanks for appreciation

God bless you more ideas more innovations

Congrats again on 1k followers! Keep up the good work

Congratulation to the winner @chasegapo

Nice post.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit..

Hello everyone. Im new on this platform. I uploaded a couple of videos. If you would check them out that would be great!

Please refrain from spamming other people’s post just to advertise for your own blog. A piece of advice, is that you will do much better here on the platform if you actually read and comment on others material, instead of just self promoting. I hope that helps, but please let me know if you have any questions.

Nice, one dear, the contest was really a tool help or school the un school steemitians. Thanks for the initiative


this work is very nice congratulations

congrats for success wish every thing greatest in your life

call me a friend too,,

keep it up

and congratulations on your milestone

Nice post,i missed your lucky draw

Sorry you missed it! This is my first time running a contest, and I had so much fun that I may do another one in the future. Maybe you’ll be able to jump in on that one. :-)

Congratulations @coruscate, this post is the seventh most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Hero account holder (accounts that hold between 10 and 100 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by Hero account holders during this period was 384 and the total pending payments to posts in this category was $8913.21. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.

Lots of helpful information..thanks for sharing..

Congrats to the winner..

Huhu. Why am I late in reading this? Are you planning on having another contest? I will be happy to join. @coruscate

Thanks for your interest! This was my first time running a contest, and I had so much fun that I may do another one! Not sure what it would be about, but maybe you could jump in on that one.

Wow! Thank you so much @coruscate for mentioning my name. It’s really a great feeling. 😊😘😘 . You are doing superb job, well done!👍

This post is too beautiful. I have learn many things from that post.

Good work. Nice post. Will upvote and follow

Hey great video

Congratulations @chasegapo
I just read about your contest.
I'd love to take part in the next 1.
U rock!!!

Awesome video! We had to upvote

Very informative and useful contest.Thanks for sharing ,i am glad that iam given a chance to read each article :) it helps!!!

So nice, thumbs up :) This was kinda special.

Wow Wonderful post dear @coruscate
I was reading your post, and was honestly really happy and content that I made the shoutout list :)

Then... I saw that I won and I almost couldn't believe it. I had to go watch the video!

Thank you so much for doing this giveaway. You deserve every bit of your 1000+ followers and have been pumping out some great content.

Now onto future growth and your next milestone!
Keepcrushim it

You literally copied someone else’s reply and changed one or two words. This is considered plagiarism, and is unacceptable on this platform. You will do much better here if you actually read content and take the time to respond with your own thoughts. I’m sure you have valuable thoughts to share, and we as a community want to hear them.

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