The Big Fight - Steemit vs Facebook

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What is actually happening in the social media platforms?

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I was thinking few hours ago and a thought came to me - I have not been on Facebook consistently like I used to be since I became a steemian.

This gave me a deeper reasoning. Is Facebook losing user's to steemit? Of a truth it is. The persons who introduced me to steemit were once Facebook users, and are still Facebook users but I noticed their activities on Facebook has reduced since they joined the Steemit community.

Think about it, why wouldn't Facebook lose users to Steemit? Facebook is a social media platform that contradicts itself on some many things. Their security and socializing scheme is anti what they pose to be, and lots more!

They get into your private information and use it against some decisions you want to make on Facebook. They invade some other apps in your devices and comes as ads or they just allow ads on your page. They only post things on your timeline that happens around you and show you things that only those you know has posted. Is that actually socializing? That is limiting your access to the world. All for their personal gain.

A post I saw on Google compared Steemit and Facebook and finally made reference to this and said;

>Steemit has made a better facebook.


I'm going to share some few thoughts I had after pondering on this for a while.

Why would steemit not overtake Facebook on the social media race when:

  1. Steemit offers it's users a fair share of their efforts? Imagine how people spend time daily acquiring wealth for Facebook by the traffic they create and get nothing in return. It is the wisest decision when you leave a non paying job to a paying job, even though the job is catching fun! I could imagine what Facebook gets on a daily with the efforts of its over 2 billion users. That's what Steemit has come to change.

  2. Steemit gives you a better chance at meeting new people and socializing? Ever counted how many people you met because of Steemit? I make new friends on a daily on Steemit, I follow people and get followed back. It's just awesome how Steemit answers the question of mega-society in mini scales that Facebook couldn't answer even after proposing they could.

  3. Steemit helps the population of bloggers in their creativity and originality? Now this one thrills me more. Imagine the opportunity Steemians have at being creative because of the measures Steemit has taken to make sure of no plagiarism. It makes it obvious Facebook doesn't have the people at heart because all it wants is gain. Facebook allows you to break the law and plagiarise and Steemit is against that. This in turn allows users to be creative and bring out the writings in their hearts. Isn't that just sweet?

  4. The best thing about Steemit is the fact that it has evolved the whole social media system? I wouldn't want to be a guy who's not up to date or well informed on trends. I know some other platforms came and tried something similar but it didn't work out well. Steemit has made it better. It has come to stay.


I'd rather catch fun and get paid than to fill someone's pocket and be broke!

Let's keep it Steeming!

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Steemit itself is very different from Facebook and I can't see these two sites competing with each other. Just like Twitter is not fighting with YouTube, they serve different purposes.

However I see Steemit as a huge leap in social media site evolution, which might be the start which will grow something different to bring Facebook down from the position where it is now.


In my own words, facebook is more like a dictatorship while steemit is democracy... They might not compete but one is just way better than the other.


... wait, so which one is the better one? ;)

Some say that a great dictator is better than a mediocre democracy.


Haha, I believe everyone prefers to have a say in a matter than just being pushed around. And steemit is the democrat.

Well considering the influx of newbies into the steemian communities. I just hope the system will be able to carry them along


Hopefully. Statistics show that steemit has the capacity to hold twice it's size of users... And definitely there will be site developments. So I guess they can.