Steemit turns failures into opportunities...

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In the past, when an entrepreneur failed, he or she would be left with the lessons they learned, debt, and a beaten soul.

The past was a different time.

Now with Steemit, entrepreneurs can share their failures with the world, while also financially recovering. This is a win-win scenario for everyone.

What this means for the entrepreneurial landscape

Think about this...
How many people want to cure cancer, or maybe solve world hunger? BILLIONS!
How many people try? A LOT LESS THAN THAT

Now imagine this...
a world where financial risk is a thing of the past...
We would be solving major issues every day

Essentially, has the potential to create a zero risk world for entrepreneurs. This will undoubtedly influence more people to take risks, and bring their ideas into fruition.

Knowing that you can simply blog about your failures/lessons and (assuming they're high-quality) earn money?
Simply amazing.

These lessons will also benefit others interested in similar fields. They can take what one person learned, and apply it to their endeavor, basically creating a beautiful cycle of productivity.

Take this for example

A talented middle class boy from South Dakota has an idea on how to cure cancer.

He takes out multiple large loans in order to set out on his dream.

Things happen...

Unfortunately, the business side of things doesn't work out, and he's left with nothing.
He decides to blog about his cure, and what lessons he learned from his business.

He gets mega upvotes and earns back all the money on his loans, WHILE ALSO sharing this valuable information with the public.

Inevitably, someone else will come along and take his idea, try again with the business, etc, etc...

...and eventually, Steemit cures cancer!

Are we there yet?

Not quite... but we're getting their.

Currently top posts are earning between $10-20k, while they would probably have to reach >$1 Million for this scenario to occur.

This may sound unreasonable at first, but given Steemit only has about 28,000 users, the possibilities are endless.


Looking at the future, I think Steemit is going to take us places we never thought imaginable...

I hope you're all strapped in and ready to go, because this Steem Train is about to change the way the world operates.

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