I think the bridge would end up having less users who put their earnings into steem power, and that might not be a good thing

I disagree. Most users are suspicious about the platform/earnings before they see it's possible to convert to what they are used to. If new users observe it's easy to cash out they will be even more excited about the platform. This excitement will probably translate into investments because they find out they need steem power.

I like the bridge idea. If we could get the internal market to link with paypal or banks that would probably fulfill the needs. Unfortunately that means a transaction fee :/

Unfortunately yes, however advanced users could avoid these by keeping it as crypto.
It's the new users this would be targeted at, who are willing to pay transaction fees... they're used to it anyway ;p

I kind of agree but i think they have to wait and see how popular Steem becomes first. I think people will be cool with it for a while while things are being improved but yes certainly a good idea.

One the Marketplace hits, this could be mitigated to a great extent. Earners will at least be able to purchase services and products directly with STEEM DOLLARS. Coinbase can serve as a dollar gateway pretty easily already.

or educate people more on where they can spend their crypto currencies. there are a lot of places that accept bitcoins as form of payment.

Coin Marketplace

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