Why Steemit IS better then facebook and other social media

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Hello everyone, I have been steeming for about 3 days now i have had my facebook account for around 3 years, It is my personal opinion that steemit far surpasses facebook in some very crucial aspects for one Do you ever get paid when you say, share that loveable pic of you and your dog on facebook instagram twitter? NOPE Do you get paid to post your writing? your personal thought beliefs? NOPE not on facebook , instagram or twitter,


And its one of the biggest draw backs i find because yes okay i use facebook for free but you do put ads on or around my content were the hell is my slice of that ad revenue? Its no where, I tend to share very little on facebook as well because so many people can just look you up like that! See things you posted even if you have it all private guess what if there friends with one of your facebook friends how hard is it for them to be like hey can i see so and so's facebook ?

And theres all that private information such as last years tax return money went to and uncle jims drunken mishaps ( no i do not have a drunk uncle named jim )

And here is where steemit is running ahead again They offer there user anonymity meaning know one knows that its you unless you put a picture of yourself or your name on your profile

You get paid to post things that YOU are passionate about

You get to meet tons of cool people and see what they are doing without having to be "friends"

You learn alot of things on here i am learning everyday about how to post correctly, About cryptocurrency and more!

I honestly post way more on here then i do on facebook and i have only been apart of steemit for 3 almost 4 days! Where as facebook ive been apart for 3 years i dont have the type of feedback i get on here about things i post and its just a refreshing feeling knowing someone is listening, I just find it is alot more of a good time posting on steemit then say facebook or even a normal blog i find steemit very rewarding and i hope you guys do too!

I hope you guys enjoyed this article And let me know what you think ?

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I think that's spot on! Welcome I just joined last week and I enjoy it more than Facebook. It just seems like ppl here post educational and more informative information plus some beautiful art and fun contests. I look forward to reading more.

Glad you are enjoying steemit aswell! Yes i agree with you on that seems alot more reading material on here then glancing material on facebook lol, Thank you for your comment and reading my article it means alot!

I got rid of my facebook about a year ago. Was kinda strange how long it took for my brain to stop generating post ideas.

Firstly, Thank you very much for reading my article it means alot and also taking the time to comment, I still have mine but just to communicate with people who are close to me, Thanks again hope all is well!

I couldn't agree more. Here we have a platform that incentives original thought that lens value to others. It also is a natural free market solution to discourage trolling. How many times have you read through YouTube/Facebook comments and come away feeling disappointed in humanity? This is the social platform of the future!

Couldn't agree more with you either :). Exactly some of those comments on youtube an facebook are just toxic! i have yet to come across that here and i hope i never do :) Thank you for taking time to read and comment on my article it really means alot !

Totally agree with you, greenshiner. "Birds of a feather, flock together" To hell with facebook.

Very true. The other social media websites are taking a close look at steemit. I wouldn't be surprised if they start rewarding their customers money with a blockchain implementation. Very soon we will start hearing things like a Facebook dollar, twitter dollar etc... All the same Steemit will standout since they are ahead of this expertise. Godspeed to Steemit for the disruption of the billion dollar social media market.

I think steemit will stand out too! I really do love the community here! Speaking of thank you very much for commenting i really appreciate it as well as you reading my article it means alot to me! SO thank you! I hope all is well with you and keep on steemin on !

So true! I love this site way more!

Thank you for reading :) i love this site more too!

Thank you for the post regarding my houseboat project. I followed you, and upvoted. I totally agree, that Steemit has a more educated and less juvenile class of participants (No one has threatened me or posted fighting or immature or criminal behavior) and everyone is civil and all of us are seeking the ways and means of pooling our resources and talents to further our agenda(s). Facebook is nothing more than a tool to monitor the populace, and the childish behaviors posted, the constant tracking, and losng your anonymitiy to Mark Zukerburg and his band of information seeking clients is something that I certainly do not miss. I wish you the best, Marco

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment it means alot, Yes i agree with you 100% the community here is alot friendlier which i love! Thanks again !

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100% agree...upvoted and followed

Thank you for reading! :) Appreciate it!

You're most welcome

Yeah boss. Steemit is great and I write and enjoy writing a lot more here. It's a lot less pressure by using a pen name too. I can speak my mind without repercussions. So good, and you make money which is likely to appreciate in value over time. Keep it up.

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