⚡ Monthly Steemit Top 200 POWER UP List: February 2018🔌

in steemit •  8 months ago

These are the top 200 users that powered up in the month of February 2018.

1. @misterdelegation5998818.995
2. @steem2000000.0
3. @promobot297185.93899999995
4. @zoom130553.994
5. @trevonjb111737.38799999999
6. @hr166866.155
7. @pharesim65750.0
8. @eeqj65000.0
9. @virus70759641.474
10. @vincentcestone56753.631
11. @neworleans56438.492
12. @z8teyb289qav9z56237.435000000005
13. @thejohalfiles55430.094
14. @rhanna10km54855.831999999995
15. @jesseluther53372.894
16. @yoo190048649.037
17. @haejin45012.56
18. @try-market44907.94799999999
19. @ipromote41803.79
20. @omit40200.0
21. @hitwill39523.33799999999
22. @jrcornel35949.099
23. @candyboy35914.0
24. @albakerki35830.532
25. @totolina35814.762
26. @puzzlingestate35602.947
27. @joceo0035024.829000000005
28. @inceptionally33379.994
29. @pi5000028133.0
30. @dream-o25453.351000000002
31. @olorin24938.917999999998
32. @hwawol24371.491
33. @abdullar24052.235
34. @steemaccess21640.652
35. @jayzel21057.805
36. @kasho20802.992
37. @agawolf20762.121
38. @cryptopassion20707.548000000003
39. @trafalgar20686.866999999995
40. @goldmatters20027.203999999998
41. @patipatipati20000.0
42. @yenlau19471.681
43. @curie19000.0
44. @mpw18805.96
45. @kaylinart18440.941999999992
46. @analisa18122.0
47. @lawrenceho17909.419
48. @swissclive17661.0
49. @libertyteeth17406.978
50. @imacryptorick17242.217999999997
51. @geronimo17002.956000000006
52. @r2cornell16959.0
53. @nomad-magus16739.778
54. @ryanwdaviessteem16000.0
55. @firepower15298.436
56. @greenman15168.0
57. @gotit15122.051
58. @knozaki201515027.002
59. @ryanyi14500.0
60. @verodato14328.423
61. @znnuksfe14202.898
62. @sktelecom14090.287
63. @publicworker13949.579
64. @rob.roche13125.203999999998
65. @isi312977.855999999998
66. @goldmoon12905.993
67. @ssg12744.021000000002
68. @airbud2312663.998000000001
69. @shinhancard11947.326
70. @lstack11128.497000000001
71. @leeyh10938.153
72. @fabien10844.702
73. @rhodium10800.0
74. @ivelon10654.182
75. @bleujay10569.0
76. @liberosist10518.39
77. @pinacle10373.082000000002
78. @fminerten10299.751999999999
79. @michelle.gent10273.410999999998
80. @rex144210216.556
81. @kwiba159210117.97
82. @schwiftybot10089.818
83. @gopax10000.0
84. @skan10000.0
85. @evanrvoss9866.665000000003
86. @davidding9754.786
87. @streetstyle9706.6
88. @dhenz9598.375
89. @lordgod9501.076
90. @aquabox9463.756
91. @dj1239363.475
92. @themightyvolcano9350.0
93. @investing9334.724000000002
94. @crawfish379119.717999999999
95. @be-good8916.929000000002
96. @technerd8888854.001
97. @infovore8700.0
98. @bliss78619.222
99. @holabebe8594.012999999999
100. @steemitpresident8455.565999999999
101. @neoxian8388.0
102. @thewave8182.651
103. @mshahabi8168.428000000002
104. @xiaoliang8161.705
105. @cryptoburner8033.025999999999
106. @ghasemkiani8000.0
107. @goldibex7791.812
108. @nikolai7769.1140000000005
109. @sweetsssj7395.495
110. @redpalestino7348.616000000001
111. @goodvibrations7304.025
112. @kimyh7182.864
113. @monajam7179.786000000001
114. @drotto7074.2390000000005
115. @decentralization6988.411
116. @lovejuice6919.343000000001
117. @therealwolf6914.470000000001
118. @czechglobalhosts6888.468000000001
119. @cchyyy6808.109
120. @ashe-oro6656.233
121. @svosse6654.084
122. @joeuhw6624.167000000003
123. @anotherjoe6561.3099999999995
124. @kryptonia6533.74
125. @julialee666466.789
126. @chairmanlee6459.880999999999
127. @thetruth366434.476000000001
128. @metapool6383.813
129. @whatageek6360.0
130. @sun5106357.565
131. @almost-digital6283.2480000000005
132. @drorion6278.342000000001
133. @cyan20176234.130999999999
134. @mariusfebruary6100.98
135. @ramta6067.0
136. @idapingala6031.022000000001
137. @krwhale6028.839
138. @socialwallet6020.766
139. @sc5tt5929.519
140. @monsteroiids5927.309000000001
141. @dollarvigilante5755.257
142. @freedomcoin5649.0
143. @lhllhl075640.507
144. @ambyr005444.8330000000005
145. @sandalphon5444.13
146. @haejinmustdie5422.451
147. @teamsteem5398.957
148. @eoss5352.8099999999995
149. @jseomun5336.167999999999
150. @bigram135275.188
151. @yell-o-wish5213.413
152. @eunyx5188.677
153. @wcuisine5096.75
154. @otac5066.4130000000005
155. @crypto2crypto5051.495
156. @dang0075010.475
157. @upbit-exchange5005.0
158. @andrecarothers5000.596
159. @gnomesagn5000.0
160. @steempower5000.0
161. @kerriknox4994.866
162. @eunstar4922.703
163. @pressa4879.834
164. @prameshtyagi4860.152999999998
165. @yeseye4854.077
166. @sphenix4636.392999999999
167. @andrewlevine4635.354
168. @rubymaker4596.471
169. @jvelazqu224546.251999999999
170. @estherkim4439.7339999999995
171. @acidyo4411.380999999999
172. @sismaru4398.75
173. @ramblin-bob4337.193
174. @mariuszkarowski4330.114
175. @wotjsozm4283.274
176. @sostrin4253.29
177. @cicbar4237.829999999999
178. @peaceandlove4203.547
179. @netuoso4190.744
180. @steemengines4127.98
181. @doikao4127.380999999999
182. @austinprinceton4120.866
183. @bloggersclub4107.0
184. @kibaek4105.197
185. @retinox4066.449
186. @travelkorea4038.4089999999997
187. @sirvotesalot4013.533999999999
188. @gbzstyle4004.981
189. @geomjili4000.0
190. @tradingideas3985.0
191. @fur2002ks3973.136
192. @sm2mr3940.261
193. @crypto-n-custard3914.0299999999997
194. @cutemachine3907.6469999999995
195. @kenny-crane3872.631
196. @taqi3827.869
197. @vegawesome3809.307
198. @sorin.cristescu3798.1059999999998
199. @jawnz3789.238
200. @project73775.7390000000005

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I wish steem whales website was working again.

interesting ranking - it would also be cool (or even cooler) to compare that with who has powered DOWN (and how much)


please ripply me.


I powered up like $3 that month I can't find myself on the list

Interesting how @misterdelegation got 6 million steem from @steemit last month indeed, some big deals going on...

this dip in steem price is a good opportunity to power up!

nice hopefully one day i cna make this list!


I can help you with that



This post has received a 23.0 % upvote from @boomerang.

How many of these "Top 200" have paid USD for Steem?

I have so much to learn still about how this platform works. This is only my second day on steem and it is amazing but extremely confusing purely because there is so much to do.


I agree. Its quite an exciting platform. But getting used to how it works is confusing at times. I keep hearing and reading that there are groups who work together to make their posts more profitable....Some of the ways they do this are devious..
I also don't understand the "bots"!!


I have been watching tutorials online and most seem to suggest things to gain value on here that honestly seem kinda shady. So I guess it may take me longer to grow value the legit way, but that is how I gotta do it.


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Your page looks very interesting so I just followed you. Thank you.

Hi steemians. Im new here, forget to follow me, and i'll follow you too :) cheers!

Hi! I enjoyed your post. Came a good time for me to read...life gets really busy. Thanks for sharing.

I wonder how much energy it took to get this up.... Nice Work thanks for the information

I see the stats...and it really got me thinking. What am i not doing well that i should correct to grow in this platform. I see that there is really so much to learn yet and it makes me respect big name as you listed in the stats. I really want to be like you when i grow up here sir. I hope its still possible sir.


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Steemians kindly follow me on steemit. I need your support. Thanks

Congrates to all those those steamers whose steemit power increase and other should also try their best.And thanks for soch interesting and precious info

perfect ranking for the good


Luar biasa postingan anda saya lihat dan saya sebagai lucky1001membaca sangat bagus dan menarik sekali selain itu juga sangatlah bermamfaat bagi saya dan rekan rekan steemian semua.terima kasih atas sarannya yang sangat sangat bermamfaat ini.

Congrats those who get this power

Cool- although I am new I aim to be in that number.

Wow funtastic friend.. Help me to be like you

I am following you, I like your post,
your post is very interesting, please help upvote for my blog @chukwudbem thank you484741593.jpg

Nice pote i will

Is this a whale list

Excellent......! very nice post.

I just joined steemit, I see your post is very interesting and also an inspiration for me in writing, I just posted for the first time. please see and check


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I am excited about the top ranking, but I would like to occupy one of the squares there too :)

This post has received a 21.76 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @contentjunkie.

Congraulations to you all, cant wait to be part of you guys, I am @ayoplenty

Great post love

wow.... so much muscle!

wow senpais 😍 thanks for the info 😍

Nice post steemit developing

Interesting. What about new bloggers ? I have some posts but looks like nobody care :/

Lol, btw, the cover is super cool #Big Muscle#💪💪💪


Surely I follow always I try not to ever miss

thanks you for info👍

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I want to be the one of this list, please help me

Sorry for your post I have reblog. Happy working.

Hello! I'm just reading the comments!

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I like your post, I will follow you!
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NEO: 83$
Stellar: 0,28$
NEM: 0,47$
EOS: 5,9$

Have a good day everyone!

Thanks information

If you are reading this you will make the list soon!!!

Upvote for good luck if you believe in luck 😂

Wow, dis is alwesome.....
Exclusive ranking

i will love to make to make this list someday

I would like to be there someday :D


Very nice post!

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I would be grateful for your help!!!


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The TOP 200 Power UP List, its like the new FORBES Richest 100.

wow congrats to all 200 members

Congratulations @contentjunkie!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 3 with $ 332,5

excelente contenido

Please i am a newbie
Can someone explain:

  1. Powering up
  2. How to be powered up
  3. The significance of being powered up
    Thank you

Awsome list!

Congratulations and success always.
Hopefully in the future there can be my name in the list

congratulation guys,stay with steemit and believe in steem.One day I will be in this list .cheers !

in how many days i can power up??

please follow my account and upvote I will follow your account and upvote do it


perfect ranking for the good!

Congratulations to those that made the list...this is a challenge to we all to step up and do greater than we even expect of our own selves. Good luck steemers

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Good to see this and a hope for very good future in Steemit.

Hope in future also listed in this list.

Incredible research work, congratulations



(secret; steem goku changes form as he grows)

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treveon james has a lot of steemit power lol


He will lose it to the lawsuites... Sad how he boasts about all his money he made from people that were ripped off... Almost unethical to not turn it over to the feds, guess he is a scumbag afterall...

today is my first day on steemit. this article is definitely an eye opener for me. #1 made 6m steem power this month alone. i only have 0.1!

well at least now i have a number to aim for. LoL #goals #motivation #steemit