Steemian BBQ in Chiang Mai

in steemit •  last year  (edited)

Hey look at us having good food and good company!

@luzcypher, @teamsteem, @lewisjfclarke and myself in the above picture.

I’ve been having a hard time adjusting to the heat and still struggle with jetlag after 10 days (!!), so no food for me but I’m always up for great company :)

Here is @mikemeister and @world-travel-pro (onboarding a friend of his to Steemit).


And now Linda and Kris from @travellit joined us as well!


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So much fun that night. I love hanging with Steemians.

Sorry, you won't make it to Pai this weekend. We'll be meeting up with @martibis there for a few days. Should be fun.

See you again soon.

Yeah, sad I can’t make it but good I didn’t book anything because have been sick in bed again the past two days. Very annoying. Hope it’s finally over now...

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OMG!!! I'm sooooo jealous! GREAT company to be in! If you're still not adjusted to the climate, I will gladly offer you my house here in Ireland and we'll switch places 😉. Not a problem at all, I'll gladly make the sacrifice for you. 😝

I might take you up on that - I can’t go home because my apartment is rented out 😄

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Haha 😄, yes you told me that at Steemfest. Well, if you get sick of the heat, let me know 😉.

Ohhh fun :)

Hope you adjust to the climate and the timezone soon though!

Much better today. What a fun night out and some good company can do!

Yay!! <3

The easiest resteem I've ever done...

LOL thank you!

Wow, that is awesome. I'm glad you're having a good time. Cheers @connecteconomy ;)

Get well soon. Resteemed.

Thank you 🙏

Hey Anja. Late to the party as usual. It was a lot of fun hanging out. Did you make it Pai, I'm here. We should meet up. I'm down down down to like 45 minutes a day on the computer. Life is good for me this way; so gonna get you on auto vote so I can support you blog.

Hope you have been well! -Dan

Hey thanks :)
Didn’t make it to Pai this time. Still haven’t figured out how to stay well for more than 2 days in a row! 🙄 I’ll get there... :)

Here's an idea, make your way to Kun Kas Juice hut in the north east of the moat. Get the number 5 with tumeric and ginger, along with shots of wheat grass, and goto Kolo (penny worth) add in a thai massage and a good nights sleep and vitimin that for a week and you'll be feeling good. I'd bet on it.

That sounds good! I’ve been there before, their juices are the best! 👍🏻

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Some people have it easy! Meanwhile I'm freezing my cheeks off up North ! :-)

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Yeah a hot butt is definitely better than a frozen one! 😆

yaya! woot! the SQUAD is out! :)

Yeah! Took a while but @teamsteem tirelessly messaged and navigated everyone :)

So nice you guys all meet there!
Have fun!

Great to see so many familiar faces and as @waybeyondpadthai said before, it's a shame we are all in the same country, but in different cities as I would have been down for a meet-up 😊

Hope you adjust to the timezone soon and hope you get use to the heat as this is considered mild as its the 'winter' period... Especially in Chiang Mai where its generally cooler. Just wait until its hottest month - April! 😥🌡️

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I know... I don’t wanna be here for that 😄 Though Song Kran would be nice I guess :)

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Songkran is a lovely time and Chiang Mai does it justice. Was there this year for it 😊 pleasantly surprised

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