Steemfest: Procrastination & Anticipation, Lisbon & Sintra

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So, tomorrow's the day!

Steemfest, yay :)

In typical weird Anja fashion I have not checked out Lisbon AT ALL. I guess we'll be busy anyway and just go with the flow and see the most important parts of Lisbon in between or as part of all the Steemfest activities.

What I checked out instead was Sintra. I mean LOOK AT IT!!

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.24.47.png

Sintra is only 45min away from Lisbon by train, so might be an opportunity for a little Steemit photo safari on the weekend.

I definitely want to see this magical place:

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.31.50.png

But of course this will only happen if I finally stop procrastinating and start packing.

I put my suit case in the middle of my bedroom yesterday so I would keep stumbling across it, unable to ignore it. And I threw some stuff in it, just to trick my brain into thinking I had actually started.


But it still looks like this now, 24 hours later. It's almost like my brain is smarter than me, saying, "Ha! I'll show you what I'm able to do!!"

Ugh. I love travelling, but I don't like packing.

"Go to Schönefeld, not to Tegel!!"

Also, I think I'll have to put a huge sign on my door that reminds me of which Berlin airport to go to, when I leave the house, so I don't end up going to the wrong one, just out of habit.

If all goes well...

So, if all goes well, I will be seeing you all this week! Really looking forward to meeting the humans of Steemit in person!

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Viel Spaß !!!! I love Lisboa 💎🌞❤️Hope you will have a great time there

very nice pics... happy journey :)